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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Maybe it isn't the teachers; maybe it's you

In response to Martha Zoller's recent column, Laura Hirschfeld Hollis at Townhall.

The combination of irresponsible parents, pie-in-the-sky theorists and Education Department bureaucrats has turned public schools into laboratories where problems fester, education decays, teachers are set up to fail, and all children – yes, even those without emotional, psychological or development problems - suffer.

Unfortunately, America does have lousy parents.  But a substantial number of these parents could be – and should be -- held accountable for their children’s problems.  This would enable teachers to be teachers again. 

Yes, there are some ineffective teachers.  It’s true that we will always have some children who need special help.  And we will always need school lunches, social workers and other remedial and supplemental programs.  Perhaps it’s even true that  public schools will never be models of stellar education.  But if more parents would grow up, step up to the plate, and be parents, schools would certainly be able to do a better job than they can now.

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  • At Mon Mar 20, 04:47:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Kids are kids. Teachers are often committed to what they do, but others are lazy, kid hating, narrow minded people who resist change and because of their unwillingness to keep current, have caused the entire nation to suffer the no child left behind nonsense. A few bad apples have spoiled the whole lot. I say we need to take a harder stance on those lousy teachers - we've all had them and know who they are.


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