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Monday, March 27, 2006

A Trans-Atlantic Conversation

Today, we received this email. We have removed sender identifications.

Subj: Just keep up the blog and information

I am a fairly liberal minded United Kingdom citizen, but in 1989 I became concerned at the reaction of what I once thought were my friends and nieghbours (mostly from Pakistan) against Salman Rushdie, an Indian that wrote the Satanic Verses, which was a novel revolving around the lives of some minor Indian actors and their thoughts and reactions to Islamic rules. I bought and read the book, and thought it nothing special, but the Islamicists said it denigrated their religion. I was very confused as I didn't read anything bad about religion.

Until I saw the taliban destroying statues of Buddha, I was quite happy living alongside my Muslim friends, then I started asking 'why do these taliban destroy these statues' and had vague half-hearted replies. Then along came 9/11. I met an Islam friend at a curry house (UK curry restuarants are run by people from Pakistan or Bangladesh, all Muslims) and was surprised that the guy that owned the place was quite happy that the US had been "hit at last."

I was quite upset about the attitude of some people I thought were my friends and colleagues. Why did they react like this? Was the US such a bad place? So I embarked on a research of Islam, and was very surprised at what I learnt. The "religion of peace" was nothing like that, and I looked at my friends in a different light. I still hate to dislike them because of their "religion," as I like them and have had many good times with them.

So I remain friends, but have become alittle bit removed from them, which saddens me. I hope we can sort it all out.



6thCAJ & Sixth Column Response

Thank you for writing. What an agonizing journey your have described for yourself. Although so many of us have taken differing routes, we have ended at the same destination, along with you. I knew precious little about Islam and Muslims until the events of 11 September 2001. I bought my first koran and was so horrified by what I found in it that I began what has felt like a quest-without-end to learn all I could. It did not take long to discover that Islam has no redeeming aspects, that its contradictions are played up to unsuspecting and ignorant Westerners to mollify them, and that there is NO "moderate" Islam. That has made me totally suspicious of all Muslims. Given their proclivity for sanctioned deception, I can never tell when a "nice" seeming Muslim is for real or is just playing me, waiting for the awakening of his sleeper cell. It sounds so paranoid to write this, but I have to put the blame onto them.

Best to you//George Mason

What Muslims create for themselves world-wide is bad press and rotten reputations. Do they care at all? Or is their obsession to destroy and rule the ruins all they can manage? Have they not read any of their own history--do they not know that Islam paralyzes their minds and productivity so that they can only destroy but are cursed never to create and build? If they actually took over the world, anything worthwhile would quickly become rubble, and they could never rebuild because they are total parasites. Why would anyone want this? Why have they wanted this for 1400 years?


  • At Mon Mar 27, 02:55:00 PM PST, Blogger John Sobieski said…

    You have many of the questions I ask. Since I could never be brainwashed by the absurdity of Islam - it's as stupid as Sceintology and a lot more violent - I can't understand why so many want Islam. It is abhorrent to me to even contemplate the shackles of Islam.


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