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Monday, April 10, 2006

Are We Parisians Today?

Today, we are all Parisians.

Today, thousands upon thousands of invaders from another country take to our streets to stake their claim to the ownership of our country.

Today, thousands upon thousands of illegals hope to intimidate our legislators into conceding defeat, and to further their cause of "retaking their territory."

Unlike the recent demonstration in California, the illegals are not carrying the flag of Mexico; that raised too many concerns among the legal inhabitants. Instead, their handlers, which include MECha and, have instructed them to wear white shirts and carry American flags. This, they say, will have a calming effect on the inhabitants of the territories being invaded.

The Treaty of Hidalgo, signed by both Mexico and the United States in 1848, put an end to the Mexican-American war, and for a price of $18,250,000 (about $627,500,000 in today's dollars), gave the United States indisputed ownership of California, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Today, it's our Southwestern states; tomorrow, will it be Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming? More?

We already have brave citizens; now we need a fence, we need the National Guard along the borders, we need to track and identify who has entered our country, and above all, we need elected officials who will uphold their oaths of office and existing law.


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