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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dick Morris Tells Exactly What the Stakes Are in Our Immigration Tussle With Mexico

The world's Leftists and the Islamists are laughing now! Do they have us where they want us?

Ultra-leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (known as AMLO) is receiving funding from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Chavez is a firm ally of Cuba's Fidel Castro. Lopez Obrador "could be the final piece in their grand plan to bring the United States to its knees before the newly resurgent Latin left" that includes Bolivia's President Evo Morales and the Chavez ally, Ollante Humala, the possible victor of in Peru's coming run off.

"Think we have security problems now, with Vicente Fox leading Mexico? Just wait until we have a 2,000-mile border with a chum of Chavez and Castro [who has]"attacked U.S. attempts to restrict Mexican immigration and will benefit tremendously if Congress alienates the Mexican electorate" that "already feel Americans are racist and biased against them. A harsh shift in U.S. immigration policies could fuel a leftist victory in Mexico."

The penalty could be a shut off of the 4 million barrels of oil each day from Mexico and Venezuela, more than one-third of our imports. "With both countries in the hands of leftist leaders, the opportunity to hold the U.S. hostage will be extraordinary." Added to that are the possible upcoming showdown with Iran and the continuing sabotage in the oil fields of Iraq.

Morris suggests that perhaps it would wise for Congress not to pass legislation that alienates the Mexican electorate and delivers the country in AMLO'S hands.

Bush's call for an end to the use of foreign oil make more sense. Our situation is already dire. The question is: why did we not begin this process decades ago? On this issue, the stupidity and rapacity of our leaders in all sectors is beyond belief. Regardless of the choices made by Congress on immigration and the Battle of Iraq in the "War on Terror," the outcomes will be unpleasant and humiliating for the United States.

My suggestions are: conserve energy and buy a bicycle while they're still relatively inexpensive. It won't get you far, but at least you won't have to walk or rely on foreign oil. And plan other uses for those gas guzzlers occupying our driveways and garages: flower pots, storage sheds, play houses? They won't be of much use if Morris' predictions come to pass.

Update: Leftist International group A.N.S.W.E.R. is already involved, calling for a "series of large-scale events the protesers hope will sway lawmakers..." A.N.S.W.E.R.'s steering committee includes the Free Palestinian Alliance, the Partnership for Civil Justice, the Nicaragua Network, the Korea Truth Commission, the Muslim Student Association, the Mexico Solidarity Network and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. More about A.N.S.W.E.R: here, here, and here.


  • At Wed Apr 05, 07:30:00 PM PDT, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    All "the wrong ones" are uniting to support illegal immigration. Why am I not surprised?

  • At Sat Apr 08, 07:11:00 AM PDT, Blogger George Mason said…


    I caught part of a good interview yesterday (Fri., 7 Apr.) on the Neil Cavuto market/finance show on Fox News. The fellow, whose name did not stick with me, has written a paper called "Glass Houses," in which he tells the real side of how Mexico treats legal and illegal immigrants--and both get treated badly. He commented on the Senate immigration bill that went nowhere yesterday, and made a very telling comment, which is apropos of yours: So much of the U. S. Senate is concerned what Mexico thinks but unconcerned about what Americans think.


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