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Monday, April 03, 2006

Don't Forget Your Ché Shirt

I'm sorry, but the groundswell of protesting and potential illegal, undocumented and otherwise resentful immigrants prevents me from focusing on the dangers of Jihad.

via Michelle Malkin

In the coming weeks, there will be plentiful opportunities to stand in solidarity with this nation's undocumented immigrants. Below is a short listing of demonstrations being planned across the nation. Please post information about any other rallies or marches being planned in your area.

* Sunday, April 9: Salt Lake City: "Dignity March" to the state capitol is scheduled for noon to 5 pm, starting and ending at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

* Monday, April 10: April 10, the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice will be the biggest day of demonstrations around the nation. The following cities have rallies in the planning stages: Houston; San Antonio; Austin, Texas; Dallas; St. Louis; Minneapolis; Detroit; Chicago; Pittsburgh; Philadelphia; Miami; Charlotte, N.C.; New Haven, Conn.; Danbury, Conn.; Hartford, Conn.; Birmingham, Ala.; New York; Boston; Milwaukee; Washington, D.C.; and many more. As of today, here are the cities that have confirmed a time and location: New York: "Full Rights for All Immigrants" at Battery Park, 3-6pm; Salt Lake City: "Unity Rally" at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City, 4:30pm.

* Saturday, April 29: Los Angeles and New York rallies are being organized by the Progressive Labor Party, which is calling for a Communist revolution.

Don't forget your Che shirt.

Have you asked yourself why so many migrants have to move north? Here are some of the reasons:

1) Employers in the United States pay more than do the employers of countries that still maintain the traditional peonage peonage brought to the new world under the encomienda system. Migrants from the south are treated more favorably in the United States than they are in their home countries.

2)Migrants could have a piece of the "American dream" which would be forbidden under the peonage system back home. The standard of living is also much greater. (Unless, of course, too many migrants move in. The pie is only so big, you know!)

3) Governments south the border tend to be unstable and more corrupt than that of the United States. Governments come and go, often by violent means. Bribery is more common and acceptable. The police forces in countries south of the border are more open to corruption and are often more violent than those of the United States.

4) Fewer citizens of southern countries are educated. Illiteracy is common and most receive more than a few years of schooling. Unfortunately, southern countries are shipping the uneducated north to be work and to be cared for in the United States where overcrowded schools and hospitals are burdened, often a taxpayer expense. Some migrants pay taxes to support the services they use; most do not.

Many Americans don't understand that all granted legal status will be eligible for Medicare or even Medicaid and other benefits. The cost of these programs will skyrocket.

The chance to own a business, get a good education, decent health care, own your own are part of the dream that is still denied to many Americans that have lived here for generations. That new comers are demanding eligibility for the rights of citizens even before being granted citizenship is an outrage.

Some migrants and some Americans can't decide to which country they want to belong. Should they be American and adhere to the values of the mainstream culture, or should they continue to identify with the culture of the country where they used to be or from where they ancestors sprung, even if the separation is more than one hundred fifty years ago.

The United States is on this side of the border. Here English is the official language and the mainstream culture has adapted to be a mixture of several immigrant cultures. The tone of the past and future "Marches for Immigrant Justice" is not of conciliation nor of a yen to join the mainstream of America.

No, another agenda appears to be in order. Immigrants from cultures that are accustomed to using violence as a means of overthrowing the government are massing for what we hope are peaceful demonstrations and a promise to paralyze the American economy,i.e. blackmail.

I stated in another potst that Islamism is the more dangerous threat. I was mistaken.

For a present-day view of the disorder to the south, a disorder that is being brought to America, one migrant at a time.


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