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Monday, April 17, 2006

Muslim Brotherhood Children's Website - What the Muslim World Teaches Children About Us

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American public-school curriculum about Islam teaches about the Five Pillars, a smattering of information on the life Mohammed and some basic cultural information about Muslim countries although there has been a push to make the curriculum more meaningful and comprehensive. Compare that curriculum to what children are taught in the Muslim world about the non-Muslim world, about America and about Jews.

"America Aspires to Control the Muslim World - & Our Role Is to Prepare Ourselves for Jihad Against the Enemies of Allah; Murdering Children Is Part of Judaism."

The home page of the website of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,, links to the children's website, ("Our Children"). This site contains various sections on different subjects, including praise for jihad against infidels in general and against America in particular, and antisemitic writings explaining to young readers how the Jews murdered 25 prophets of Allah and that Jews habitually murder children. Other pages contain texts referring to Seville and Andalusia as part of the greater Muslim homeland, and discussing the long period of prosperity that these lands experienced under Muslim rule.

We Ask Allah to Give Our Brothers, the Mujahideen, Martyrdom for His Sake, and to Bring Victory to Islam
Among the postings for children on are articles praising jihad. On the page titled "General Knowledge" appears an article titled "The Jihad-Waging Prophet," which states: "The Prophet waged jihad against the infidels and the hypocrites, and admonished them. Hell is their place of refuge, and how evil is their fate!"

The site also posts articles praising the resistance in Afghanistan and in Iraq. In a review of various parts of the Muslim world, on the section titled "My Great Homeland," it states that Afghanistan is "currently under the oppressive American occupation that is now aspiring to control the Muslim world. [This occupation] began with Afghanistan, and then [moved on] to our beloved land Iraq; and lo, it now threatens Syria and so on. [U.S. President Bush] has declared a Crusade against the Muslim world, and our role is to prepare ourselves for jihad against the enemies of Allah."

About Iraq, the site states: "Currently, the Iraqi resistance is the most beautiful example of the struggle for independence and the elimination of America's aggression. We ask Allah that its elimination will be at the hands of our mujahideen brothers, [and] that Allah will give them martyrdom for His sake, will bring victory to Islam and strengthen the Muslims, and will protect the blood of our brothers everywhere."

The Jews Murdered Allah's Prophets, Murder Children, and Conspire Against the Islamic Countries

Along with postings praising jihad and the resistance, the site also features postings with antisemitic content. For example, the "General Knowledge" page features a posting on Jews along with postings on various other topics such as the Suez Canal, oranges, hummus, and apricots. Titled "Did You Know?"

Andalusia is Part of the Great Islamic Homeland

The "My Great Homeland" section depicts Seville and Andalusia as part of the Muslim homeland, along with Egypt, Damascus, the Al-Aqsa mosque, Istanbul, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Maldives. Under "Andalusia," it states: "There are now 700,000 Muslims in Spain. Of these, 200,000 were born [there] and have Spanish citizenship. Most of the Muslims live in the big cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Spain has some 300 mosques and [Muslim] houses of worship, and a third of these are in the capital.

"The Islamic Cultural Center is considered the main source of authority for Muslims [in Spain] in most matters of religion. It provides many major services required by the Muslim in this country, which prospered for a long period under Islamic rule."

And in case we've forgotten, Muslims tend to find reasons why every footfall of a Muslim creates a divine right to that territory, including that of the United States.

Within the Western world, there is great struggle to introduce Islam into the curriculum. Instead of offering "just the basics," Muslims constantly push on the door to make over education and society in their image.

From: The Council on Islamic Education
"Curriculum Falls Short:"

Although teaching about religion is required in nearly every state, this does not ensure that it will be well taught. An effective curricular vehicle must carry the content.

The experiences of Council on Islamic Education reviewers in teacher training, textbook review, and standards development have exposed us to several faulty models for teaching about religion that fall short of the guidelines. The most common faulty approach is to provide a thumbnail sketch of each world faith that creates more stereotypes than useful understandings. Another flawed method limits historical coverage to a period thousands of years ago, leaving the impression that religions are quaint artifacts of bygone eras. For example, many state mandates end their coverage of Hinduism with ancient India, Buddhism with Asoka, and Judaism with the time of Jesus.

Such inadequate teaching about religion may encourage students to apply rudimentary knowledge of others’ beliefs to understanding contemporary non-Western societies. If students haven’t learned about change in religious thought and practice over time, they may imagine that nothing in other cultures has changed for centuries and assume that they can apply the ancient or medieval stencil to understanding complex contemporary societies. This faulty approach would fail to help them understand the student sitting at the next desk, the neighbor, the future colleague, or the world at large.

What about finding the time? The answer is: make time.

How can schools find the necessary time to teach about religion? First, curriculum planners must build in the necessary time for world studies in general...schools must provide time and a sound academic framework for building courses.

Structuring the world history curriculum around a chronological framework based on eras is the soundest available model because religions and other topics are covered continuously throughout the course.

Planners need to be creative in embedding the study of religions where appropriate. In civics, teaching about religion illuminates the ideals on which people base their systems of governance. In geography and cultural studies, learning how people all over the world have articulated their beliefs enhances understanding of common values and alternative ways of meeting needs and solving problems. The study of religious tolerance and intolerance in history—validation and acceptance of those unlike ourselves or rejection and demonization—brings to the surface the most vital elements of civil society, beyond sterile descriptions of administration and laws.

Sometimes the applied curriculum is controversial as in this activity in seventh-grade unit, "Become a Muslim Warrior During the Crusades or During An Ancient Jihad." The directions instruction students to "fight mock battles of Jihad against 'Christian crusaders' and other assorted 'infidels.' Upon gaining victory, students were to 'Praise Allah.' "

An example of how working Islam into the curriculum as described by Daniel Pipesis given below. It is disheartening to know that this is only one of many:

The Interaction unit contains many other controversial elements. It has students adopt a Muslim name ("Abdallah," "Karima," etc.). It has them wear Islamic clothing: For girls this means a long-sleeved dress and the head covered by a scarf. Students unwilling to wear Islamic clothes must sit mutely in the back of the class, seemingly punished for remaining Westerners.

Interaction calls for many Islamic activities: taking off shoes, washing hands, sitting on prayer rugs, and practicing Arabic calligraphy.

Students study the Koran, recite from it, design a title page for it, and write verses of it on a banner. They act out Islam's Five Pillars of Faith, including giving zakat (Islamic alms) and going on the pilgrimage to Mecca. They also build a replica of the "sacred Kaaba" in Mecca or another holy building.

It goes on. Seventh graders adopt the speech of pious believers, greeting each other with "assalam aleikoom, fellow Muslims" and using phrases such as "God willing" and "Allah has power over all things."

They pronounce the militant Islamic war-cry, Allahu akbar ("God is great.") They must even adopt Muslim mannerisms: "Try a typical Muslim gesture where the right hand moves solemnly... across the heart to express sincerity."

In the same pious spirit, the curriculum presents matters of Islamic faith as historical fact. The Kaaba, "originally built by Adam," it announces, "was later rebuilt by Abraham and his son Ismail." Really? That is Islamic belief, not verifiable history. In the year 610, Interaction goes on, "while Prophet Muhammad meditated in a cave ... the angel Gabriel visited him" and revealed to him God's Message" (yes, that's Message with a capital "M.") The curriculum sometimes lapses into referring to "we" Muslims and even prompts students to ask if they should "worship Prophet Muhammad, God, or both."

This unit was slammed by well-known textbook reviewer William J. Bennetta as a "fraud and a religious-indoctrination device:"

ISLAM: A Simulation has no educational purpose, and it can serve no educational function. From beginning to end, it is nothing but a Muslim religious publication, produced by writers who seek to exploit classroom teachers for propagating Islam.

From beginning to end, ISLAM: A Simulation directs teachers to deceive their students and to boost Islam by disseminating lies and by falsifying history. From beginning to end, ISLAM: A Simulation requires teachers to indoctrinate their students by feeding them servings of "information" in which historical facts are insidiously intermixed with Muslim myths and Muslim woo-woo. From beginning to end, ISLAM: A Simulation directs teachers to present facts, myths and woo-woo as equivalent, equipotent items. From beginning to end, ISLAM: A Simulation requires teachers and students alike to abandon rationality, to shun analytical thinking, and to embrace the view that any claim about anything -- no matter how fatuous the claim may be -- must be accepted as true.

There's that word again, deception. Islam is based on deception. Children in the Muslim world are deceived about non-Muslims and Islamic apologists and enablers are attempting to deceive American school children through campaigns to capture and train, first their teachers, and then the students themselves.


  • At Tue Apr 18, 12:51:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…

    This little problem illustrates so very well the danger of a school system supported through taxes, and which then compels attendance and curriculum content.

    Barring having enough money left over after taxes, if you disagree with something being taught in the government schools, you have few alternatives. You can have "after school courses" that you teach yourself; you can home school; you can find a private school which agrees with you on your most important issues.

    The very reason government-run schools were established in Germany in the early 1500s was to implement state policy, and it has been used as a means of indoctrination of all those captive minds ever since.

    Our government school system actively teaches PC, multiculturalism, diversity, moral equivalency, and now, "how to be accepting of Islam" with all that that subsumes.

    Between PC and all that garbage, and generation after generation of school children being stuffed full of it, those who would destroy us have a marvelously effective weapon.


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