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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Retreat of the Western World?

Are we in retreat? The the well-known blogger, Fjordman, posted at Gates of Vienna, gives several possible scenarios:

1. Another Atlantic/Western century

2. Another American century

3. The Asian/Chinese century

4. The Pacific century

5. The Anglosphere - Indian century

6. The Global Civil War - Neo-Barbarism

The world is always in upheaval, in a state of flux in which roiling tensions among groups boil over into conflict. However, as pointed out by Samuel Huntington and by Fitzgerald, Spender, Alexander, Ye'or, Blankley, Bostom and a host of scholars and authors, Islam was born out of strife and has always had the stated intention of world domination. Today Islam, whether in Persian Iran, the Far East of Indonesia, the Arab States, Pakistan, India, France, Britain, and even the United States, has stated that the West must fall and Islam will prevail regardless of local sentiments.

I concur with Fjordman. Islam is the spoiler, perhaps setting up conditions for the ascendency of other groups.

Read it all.


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