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Friday, April 21, 2006

Straight From The Horse's Ass

Folks, here, for your reading pleasure, is the latest from Aztlan, unedited in any way:

May 1st Pro-Immigrant Boycott
Gaining Extraordinary Momentum

Large sectors of Mexico to participate

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - April 20, 2006 - (ACN) The upcoming "Gran Boicot" being organized by a diverse coalition of pro-immigrant groups is destined to make history. Like "La Gran Marcha", where over 700,000 marched and rallied in downtown Los Angeles on March 25th, the boycott which is calling for "No Work - No School - No Purchases" on Monday May 1st is also going to surprise the USA and the world. The "Immigrant Human Rights Movement" has now taken a life of its own with no one leader or one organization directing it.

With ten days left until May 1st, more and more community leaders, student groups, heads of national organizations and elected government officials are joining the international effort that will paralyze the USA economy. The economic losses will be incalculable and this hopefully will send a strong message to the stubborn nativists, racists and bigots who by and large refuse to recognize the contributions that Mexican and other immigrants of color are making to the USA economy. These crass xenophobes will also be forced to learn the meaning of the word "respect".

The power of the new immigrant movement, mostly Brown, is already creating acute panic among the mostly White descendants of immigrants from England and Europe who have held sway in the USA ever since the landing of the Mayflower near Plymouth Rock. The nature of the White panic is being manifested by their reactions to the mass rallies and marches that have been held in major cities since over 300,000 rallied in Chicago on March 10. These reactions are taking many forms. Among them, and most serious, are death threats against those that the White racists perceive to be the leaders of the "Immigrant Human Rights Movement" . Since March 25th, Mayor Antonio Villargairosa of Los Angeles has received a number of death threats and he was told that he has been placed on a "assassination hit list" simply because he is of Mexican descent and because he chose to address the over 700, 000 pro-immigrant crowd that gathered around City Hall on March 25th.

In an April 14 news article, journalist Jazmín Ortega of the Spanish language newspaper "La Opinion" reported that, in addition to the death threats against Mayor Villargairosa, that death threats have also been made against Professor Armando Navarro of the University of California at Riverside. Dr. Navarro is the Coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights (NAHR) that sponsored the now historic "Mexicano/Latino Leadership Immigration Summit" on February 11 and that "sparked" the present "Immigrant Human Rights Movement" throughout Aztlan and beyond. Another leader that has received death threats, according to journalist Ortega, is Nativo Lopez of Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana. Nativo Lopez has been very vocal in the media concerning the human rights of immigrants. Other leaders who have received a series of death threats and racist hateful messages through telephone and e-mail are Vice Mayor Felipe Aguirre of Maywood, California, Juan Jose Gutierrez of "El Movimiento Latino USA" and Ollin Tezcatlipoca, leader of the Mexica Movement. These death threats against Mayor Antonio Villargairosa and the other
leaders, including death threats against the staff of La Voz de Aztlan, are now being investigated by our own security organizations.

These irrational and criminal reactions by racist nativists to the "awakening of the sleeping giant" will only backfire on them. These cowardly acts by White bigots such as the burning of a Mexican restaurant in San Diego on April 10 and the many other anti-Mexican hate crimes, which among these is the decapitation of three Mexican undocumented children in Baltimore, Maryland, will only stiffen the resolve of the Mexican and other Latino people to fight back. In light of these threats and hate crimes, it is imperative that every Mexicano, every Latino, every immigrant and every progressive person here and abroad join the economic boycott on May 1st.

On Monday May 1st, the leaders of "El Gran Boicot" are asking that every worker not go to work. Call in sick. Tell your employer that you came down with the flu. Take the day off and join a rally or march in your area. There has been word that some racist employers will be retaliating against Mexican or Latino workers who are absent on May 1st.

Leaders are presently developing a plan on how to mitigate this problem. They would like to have a list of those employers who retaliate so that they will pay a price for doing so. They are also developing a plan to immediately place the workers in other employment and to assist the families financially who are retaliated against.

On Monday May 1st, the leaders of "El Gran Boicot" are asking that every student, who has the support of their parents, not go to school. Take the day off and plan an activity together with parents who will be boycotting work. Leaders are presently planning activities in many cities in which students and parents can participate and university and college student organizations, such as MEChA, are also planning activities on their campuses.

On Monday May 1st, the leaders of "El Gran Boicot" are asking that no one purchase anything. Essentials like gasoline and food should be bought days before. In the days before and after May 1st, be conscious of what brand purchases you make and who you do business with. For example, do not buy Kimberly-Clark products such as HUGGIES,KLEENEX, SCOTT, KIMBIES, PULL-UPS, DEPEND, TECNOL and KIMWIPES. Congressman James Sensenbrenner, the sponsor of the anti-immigrant HH4437, is the heir of
Kimberly-Clark. Another example, in Alta California, would be to buy your groceries at "Gigante" instead of at "Ralphs". The essential principal is to buy only from
immigrant friendly stores and businesses and avoid those that have supported racist and anti-immigrant causes such as those business that advertise on the many racist radio talk shows and tv programs.

The leaders of "El Gran Boicot" want you to know that you are not alone. Millions of others around the globe will be participating, in one way or another, in this historic boycott. In Mexico, especially in Mexico City and the border region, many sectors of society will be participating in the economic boycott . Throughout Mexico , labor unions, political parties, elected government officials, the media, celebrities and some agencies of the Mexican government have joined the boycott in the last few days. Their motto is "Recuerden, nada gringo el 1o de mayo", and the word has now spread far and wide. The message being disseminated through newspapers, radio and television is, "Lo que solicitan es que el 1o de mayo no se compre nada gringo en el país ni se consuma nada en franquicias americanas, esto quiere decir: No Dunkin Donuts, Mc Donald's, Burger King, Starbucks, Sears, Crispy Cream, Walmart, Seven-Eleven y otras de la interminable lista de empresas norteamericanas en México". The losses will be tremendous in Mexico alone and this same strategy will be utilized in Central and South American countries. The leaders of "El Gran Boicot" are now seeing signs that the massive action is spreading across the sea as well.

The leaders of "El Gran Boicot" are asking that everyone who will be participating in marches, rallies and other demonstrations on May 1st, do so in a peaceful and
non-violent way. Be careful not to confront police authorities or be provoked by the many racist bigots who will be out to do their dirty work. There are now
indications that a "COINTELPRO" type effort is being implemented to destroy the movement. We are now seeing many infiltrators within our organizations that are attempting to divide the leadership. "Vendidos" and "Malinchistas" are being planted within our ranks. Already, the enemy has twisted the arms of some of the leaders of certain of our national organizations by threatening to withhold their funds and grants. Even Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles is now changing his tune because the Jews are threatening him with bringing up more cases involving his pedophile
child abusing priests. We do not need organizations that are led by "coconuts" or compromisedinstitutions to defeat our enemy. Remember, "No Work - No School - No Purchases" on Monday May 1st !

* * * * * * * * * *
La Voz de Aztlan


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