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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

If Rumsfeld Goes, Who Might Fill His Slot?

Despite reports to the contrary and Bush's "steadfast" support, Donald Rumsfeld might eventually be replace. Named in a report in the Asia Times are:

Ambassador to Germany Dan Coates; Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John Warner; and former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage (who last week called for direct negotiations with Iran) - are considered "realists". While conservative, they are much more inclined to defer to the uniformed military and their State Department colleagues.

The only exception among potential Rumsfeld replacements is Senator Joseph Lieberman, a strongly pro-Israel Democrat who favors a policy of confrontation with Tehran.

Read it all.

Also: Why Rumsfeld's time is up and General reveals rift with Rumsfeld on insurgents.

These are to gather information, not to promote a point of view.


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