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Saturday, April 29, 2006

They Want "Their Rights" in the United States -"National Boycott Plans Creating a New Divide"

A "new national divide?" Damn straight! They say they "came to work" and that they "pay their taxes." Were they invited to come? Some were brought here illegally by cynical employers who knew that they and the migrants were now law breakers, others, as my grandmother would say, "volunteered," sneaking across the border or overstaying on a visa. How are they able to pay taxes? By using fake identification and fake social security cards, also a violation of the law. They are their law-breaking employers, especially those that recruited illegal employees directly or through agents, demand amnesty.

They way they "want their rights." What rights. As citizens they have no legal rights other than "human rights." For non-citizens there is nothing else. There is no right to be in the United States. There is no right to employment nor education nor health care at expense of the American taxpayers. Yes, some came to work, others came to exploit the system, to commit violent crimes, to run and sell drugs and human beings.

They demand to be allowed citizenship. How can they make such a demand when they are not willing to assimilate, learn English, jettison un-assimable cultural baggage, divided loyalties to people and forces in the old country, and so on. The reason for the extended citizenship process could be to weed out those that will become true Americans from those that would use citizenship as a convenience for a "better a life."

It is amazing to hear migrants say they come "to make a better life for themselves" as if coming to the United States to do so is a human right. There is no right available for non-citizens to a better life in the United States whether or not one cynically goes into labor with one toe across the border. That mother and that baby will not have a deep abiding love for this country, only a desire to use the resources and taxpayers to improve their lives.

The lawbreakers want to walk free and demonstrate that they have value to the economy. If they are not loyal nor care about improving this society, this culture, and this country rather than earning money to send home as remittance payments to improve their hometowns and uplift their families with loyalties place elsewhere, then they are not demonstrating a desire to become citizens of the United States.

The inappropriate "Nuestro Himno," or Latin version of the "Star-Spangled Banner" states: "Somos latinos, papa." It's "we are Latins," nor "we are Americans." A California junior high student stated when asked whether or not she would participate in the "Great American Boycott" told a reported that "missing one day of school is a small price to pay for a larger cause."

"I want to support my people," said Leon, whose family came to the United States illegally. Notice she didn't say I want to support America and the American people. No, she and most of the other marchers have the same mind set: they are Latinos first and foremost. Someday they may become citizens on paper but, because of their attitudes, will never become Americans.


  • At Sun Apr 30, 07:29:00 PM PDT, Blogger sandwich said…

    It's easy to talk about it when you aren't actually living it... you'd better check out the articles about "un dia sin inmigrantes" and get informed before you give your opnion about it... you got wrong information... Have a nice day!


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