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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another Senate Sellout of Sovereignty

Yup - it's true, all true; our country is being sold off at a bargain basement price to our Neighbors south of the border! It's the kind of thing that gives the name "New Mexico" a whole new meaning!

Here it is, folks, a last minute addition to the Senate Amnesty Bill, thanks to Senator Dodd:

S.Amdt.4089 contains the following language:


"Consultations between United States and Mexican authorities at the federal, state, and local levels concerning the construction of additional fencing and related border security structures along the United States-Mexico border shall be undertaken prior to commencing any new construction, in order to solicit the views of affected communities, lessen tensions and foster greater understanding and stronger cooperation on this and other important issues of mutual concern."

Ok, people, the House is our last chance. Don't give up, keep on nagging. Go let your Representatives know what you think.


  • At Sat May 27, 02:47:00 PM PDT, Blogger Eleanor © said…

    It's amazing that any American can accept what is going on. We are watching the dissolution of America happening before our very eyes and the ceding of sovereignty to another power. Who or what that power is has not yet been announced to the American people, but I have a guess that it might be the North American Union.

    I wouldn't vote for that...would you? I wonder if we'll get a chance to do so, or will it sprung on us, or even foisted against our will as has been the EU on the Europeans.

  • At Sat May 27, 05:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger Cubed © said…

    Absolute not - vote for it, I mean. I have no doubt whatsoever that it is the North American Union thing. "They" tried to keep it under wraps for a long time, but it's leaking out all over the place.

    All I can hope for is that there is enough left of the "Great American Subconscious" to stop the tide.

    Excuse me, I've got to throw up again.


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