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Monday, May 22, 2006

From D. C. Watson's Forthcoming Book: TRUTH IS NOT BIGOTRY: Sometimes it just hurts

Our friend and colleague-in-arms, D. C. Watson, has given us the opportunity to read his forthcoming book. Here is a delicious excerpt following our brief review:

[6thCAJ] Editor's Review of D. C. Watson's Forthcoming Book

If anyone who follows the anti-jihad movement on the websites and blogs does not know D. C. Watson by now, we assume they are really, really new to all of this. We began to notice D.C. a good while back from his comments on Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch/Dhimmi Watch. His comments had a growl to them, "pithy" some would say. But they were always "right on." Soon others commenting on D.C.'s comments on Jihad Watch were saying things like "D.C. for president," "D.C. for secretary of state," and "D.C. for secretary of defense." Then this American original began publishing articles on Jihad Watch and a few other places. We were very fortunate to publish some on this site and on our blogsite, Sixth Column. No one really knows when D.C. will surface next with a pithy article about the Islam problem or the Borders Security and Immigration problem. D.C. keeps his own schedule, and it is close to the vest.

A while back, D.C. let us know that he is dangerously close to publishing his first book. Even better, we had a chance to read it before publication. What follows is a chapter from that book, one that has not been published previously. It is very typical of the contents of this book in that it has something important to say and says it very well.

The book is entitled TRUTH IS NOT BIGOTRY: Sometimes it just hurts. You can read it in two sittings, and it will keep your attention.

It begins telling about this very typical American young man and how he was living his life. He loved wrestling and thrived doing it on the circuit. Life for him moved from one event to another, and he was living chronically in a comfort zone.

Then came the events in America of 11 September 2001. D.C. had an epiphany. Life in the comfortable lane, as he had been living it, ended abruptly. His book takes you through that change from relatively halcyon days to 11 September 2001. In fact, it is hard to proceed right away after reading his chapter for that day. It is hard because it summons up the emotional memories and images of the day. I felt the profound sadness and the profound rage all over again.

The rest of the book is about the education of D.C. to Islam and his efforts to educate others out of their comfort zones. It makes good reading.

At the end are extensive references.

We don't want to give more away than we have in the foregoing, short review. We will let the following chapter speak for D.C.


From TRUTH IS NOT BIGOTRY: Sometimes it just hurts

Muslim immigration in the West: When opposites don't attract

Qur'an 48:29: "Muhammad is God's apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless to the unbelievers but merciful to one another."

I'd much rather be spending my time worrying about how much I can 'max' out on the bench press, who the Steelers are trading for who, if the Pistons are gonna make it back to the finals this year, and whether or not my beer is getting warm. However, since the West has been infiltrated by century impaired antagonists, that's going to have to wait. This may sting those who have a tendency to riot, start fires, make death threats over nothing, and offer up million dollar bounties for the deaths of cartoonists, but that's too bad. As citizens of the United States, you, and our cousins in all Western nations deserve to know the truth. While integration problems certainly exist with mass Muslim immigration alone, these problems are compounded by their often self appointed Islamic 'leadership'. Islamic 'civil rights and advocacy' groups, Imams, and clerics have stirred up unacceptable amounts of trouble and disharmony.

Out of one side of their mouths come the calls for pluralism and tolerance. Out of the other, we hear the exact opposite, as they play a phony race card, call for jihad, and express their desires for the implementation of Islamic law in the West. While these people are supposed to be leading, and assisting Muslims with assimilating into Western culture, they are instead spewing hate speech and inciting violence. They don't need to be standing on street corners, rocking from side to side, gobbling down sandwiches as they recruit gullible Mohammedan sheep for future homicide bombings. They don't need to be standing in mosques preaching hate for Westerners. And, they don't need to be running to the press screaming 'Islamophobia' or 'racism' because a local financial institution happens to be giving away free 'piggy banks' to their customers. They need to be rounded up and removed. Jailing them only forces the public to spend tax money in order to house, feed and clothe them. So, wouldn't the more economical alternative be to deport every last one of them and permanently bar them from re-entry?

The chances are good that many Muslims now live in the West because they don’t have an interest in this “Islam must rule the world” mentality that their co-religionists possess. There's also a good chance that they just want a quiet life without having to live under Islamic law. However, an over abundance of Muslim spokespersons and their followers have migrated to Western nations for the purpose of undermining democracies in order to inject their Islamist ideology. They are a constant irritation, and they need to go.

Behind some of their Islamic representatives, many Muslim migrants to Western nations have brought with them a bothersome, and complex cultural problem. If we actually examine this situation, instead of trying to not fracture a massive collection of fragile, seventh century egos, the realization may come to pass that we are in a culture clash with a certain percentage of immigrants who believe in entitlement. Entitlement to ignore the laws of the land to where they have migrated, and entitlement to behave the way their culture has allowed them to behave in their homeland, all while hiding behind a curtain of 'religion'. Who ends up paying for this? The citizens of their host nations.

The current trend, now on display primarily throughout Europe, demonstrates that the larger the Muslim population becomes, the more angered and “offended” it becomes with the non-Islamic culture that it has infiltrated. Certainly at first, when their population figures are relatively small, they are less vocal, and less violent. However, as we have seen in European nations, which have allowed the seemingly endless immigration of Muslims, problems are on the rise.

You won't see too many of the following stories being run in the mainstream Western press, which collectively is too afraid of these people to publish stories about their ridiculous behavior. Seeing or hearing about one or two incidents only every so often tends to allow them to be viewed as something forgettable. So, a compiling of events has been put together with the intent to demonstrate that this issue is widespread, consistent, and needs to be formally addressed. If Muslim organizations wonder why so many millions have no use for them or their constant squawking, the following should provide them with a clue:

[Read the rest on 6th Column Against Jihad.]


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