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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Two Saudi Men Board School Bus in Tampa, Are Arrested: A Case of the Wrong Bus, or Something More Serious?

What would you think if two unknown adult men boarded your child's school bus and rode to school with them? Would it matter whether or not they were Saudi Arabians?
I think not.

(Shown above: Tampa Municipal Bus)

Attempts by CAIR and others to explain away the behavior of two men supposedly have been studying at an English language institute for six months are almost laughable if it weren't for recent memories about hostage taking and murder of school children in Russia by Muslims and other incidents.

Michelle Malkin has gathered a few news items together to jog our memories.

To be fair, I searched for examples of buses in Tampa, Florida. Frankly, the only possibility of mistaking a yellow school bus for public transportation would be if the bus was being used for the purpose of evacuation during a hurricane. Other examples of yellow buses in Tampa are: church camps and Sunday schools. Some electric trolleys are yellow, but to my knowledge, none is known to go to a high school.

And then there's the question of why one of the men was wearing a long trench coat in the month of May in Tampa, Florida: the temperature is 90 degrees! What's that all about. I'll give you three guesses.

(National Guard Uses School Buses During Evacuation)

Update The two young men have been releeased on a misdemeanor charge as the judge decided that "they are no risk". Hmmm. Could be, but incident reminds me of trial runs on airplanes to gauge the response of security and public awareness.

Sigh! Unfortunately more security means a greater expenditure and a curtailment of rights and freedom. Students now go to school under conditions we could never have imagined: metal detectors, security guards, lockdowns, and the rest. One wonders what kind of security will be necessary and possible to now make America's school buses safe.


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