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Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Going Home"

"Home is where the heart is." In Mexico the refrain reads, "Home is where the soul is."

Millions around the world don't like American culture. Tens of millions of those people are Mexicans living in the United States. Even though poverty is widespread and wages are less in Mexico than in the United States, why do they come? Here's why:

And Brenda posed this question: "Why are millions fleeing a rich nation?"
Her answer: "America's immigration permissiveness that prevents long overdue economic and social reforms in Mexico."

What could happen to Mexico IF they went home?
... illegal aliens living in America can go home to fight for a better Mexico by summoning up the courage they draw upon when they cross the border, the cunning they deploy when they arrange for false documents, the guile they use when they learn how to milk our system and the tenacity they display when they march in the streets for " justice."
Imagine the impact 20 million determined Mexicans could have on their country’s future.

Perhaps this is why the elites of Mexico and other places don't want them back.
Read it all. Contains interesting internal links.


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