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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Guzzardi Asks: "What Would Reagan Do?"

If nothing else, Reagan wouldn't appear weak to the rest of the world.

In the face of the attempt at blatant intimidation by illegal aliens that "rally" and demand, would Reagan have remained passive in the White House, placating, issuing reassurances in soothing tones, or would he have reacted as he did with the air traffic controllers, who more or less, used the same tactics? What Reagan did do in that situation was totally different: he fired them all.

"Firing federal employees showed strength," something that we are not, in this instance, showing the world. If we give in to the demands of illegal aliens, what will that say to Al Qaeda and others that are determined to destroy us?

How does it appear to our enemies, al-Queda, Iran and North Korea, when they see that the U.S. can be pushed around by a relatively small group of people illegally residing and workinghere?

What patsies we must look like. What spineless softies we are. Where is the courage that was once synonymous with American?

A show of strength coming from the White House would be more assuring.

Of course we can't "fire" or even send back all those millions of illegal aliens, but we must do something to instill loyalty and integration into American culture and insist on the acquisition of the English language BEFORE they gain citizenship. We can make sure that they vote only in America and not for officials in Mexico or other countries. We must secure the border. An open border looks like weakness on our part because it is. Period.


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