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Sunday, May 07, 2006


(hat tip: The Guilt of Most Arab Muslims )

Nihad Afroun, a six years little angel, was violently beaten by its teacher at the school Sidi Ahmed El Bekkal, in Tétouan. A board of inquiry was diligentée, Tuesday April 25, to draw this obscure history with light. A scandalous business with Tétouan shakes the local public opinion and the mediums of teaching.

Nihad Afroun, a six years little angel, was victim, last week, of physical violence, made by its teacher at the school Sidi Ahmed El Bekkal, located with the district Jbel Darssa. In addition to the psychological effects, this violence had serious physical consequences on the small girl.The face tumefied, Nihad present of the bruises at the eye-level and fractures at the level of the nose.

The business goes back to Wednesday April 19. At 15 hours, the school invited me to announce to me that my daughter fell. When I arrived, it bled. I then asked him what arrived to him. She told me that at the time when the pupils entered in class at 13 hours 30 mn, the teacher made his prayer of the "Dohr".

Without paying attention, it put the foot on its carpet ", affirms Fatima Ouled Abdelwahhab, mother of Nihad. And to add: "After having finished his prayer, the teacher gave a violent blow to my daughter so much so that it fell while knocking the face against the ground. One did not opinion me that nearly two hours after the incident ".

"I walked on his small carpet. It struck me and I fell by ground ", confirms small Nihad of a soft voice. The mother then leads her daughter to the hospital "Sania Rmel" in Tétouan to receive the care necessary. "The doctor said to me that my daughter has serious fractures on the level of the nose", the mother, the tight cœur of anguish adds. The mother of the victim, scandalized, decided to carry felt sorry for against the teacher, a man who has around fifty, also "khatib" of a mosque located in Hay Boujarah.

According to testimonys' of the children of the school, the teacher often beat them with a rule on the fingers. Taking note of the facts, local associations condemned without reserve this act of violence unworthy of a teacher, supposed to give the good example. The Association of defense of the humans right denounced in an official statement made public, Tuesday April 25, this act of violence which undermines the rights of the child and to its dignity. "The aggression whose small Nihad was victim is a scandal.

"We condemn the teacher Moustafa Lazrak who is also a imam and khatib with the mosque of Hay Boujarah ", is indignant Lahbib Haji, secretary-general of the Association of defense of the humans right, who made a point of stressing that "we also condemn l’attitude of the principal which made pressure on the pilot children of the incident to deny the facts".

In addition, a commission of the provincial delegation of Education with Tétouan was dispatched Tuesday April 25 on the spot to inquire into the business. In the same way, the general parquet floor of the Court of Appeal of Tétouan gave its instructions to determine them holding and outcomes of this obscure history.

I am sure, the little girl, by now, has already full utmost respect for the imam (or all imams) and his rug.


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