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Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Hideo Euro-Globalism

"My biggest beef with globalism is that it creates new, bigger, unaccountable bureaucraies."

Don't you wonder why the U.S. continues to participate in activities that end up not serving our interests but "competing interests" of other countries? The answer is: international agreements.

Of course, one of the "competing interests" to the will of the people and the rule of law is the "international agreement." There are plenty of them between the United States and Mexico that leave U.S. officials wondering who they really serve – the American people or the political elite in Mexico City.

Every day, these international agreements, these treaties, these accords are rendering your elected representatives less accountable to you and more accountable to foreigners. There is simply no other way to explain it or understand it.
Let me give you an example I recently discovered that will blow your mind.

I was reading the January-February issue of Foreign Policy magazine, a publication of the Carnegie Foundation, one of the prime movers and shakers of globalism in all its hideous forms. Each issue of Foreign Policy contains an advertising supplement from the European Union.

A quote from E.U. High Representative Javier Solano caught my eye in this eight-page brochure about the militarization of Europe. It reads:

The EU started as a peace project. And in many ways it still is. Promoting peace and cooperative security is exactly what we are doing in the Balkans, the Middle East, in Africa and elsewhere. The EU will always favor negotiation over confrontation. But all of us also know that to secure peace and protect the vulnerable, it is sometimes necessary to intervene, and in extremis, to coerce.

What an odd and ominous quote, I thought. But it gets much worse. Because the way the European Union plans to "coerce" is with American troops and U.S. military assets. And Americans don't have a thing to say about it./b>
It seems that back in 2003, in what became known as the "Berlin Plus" arrangements, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization agreed to give the European Union "ready access ... to the collective assets and capabilities of the Alliance, for operations in which the Alliance as a whole is not engaged militarily."

Now some in the Pentagon interpret that Washington Summit Declaration of 1999, given teeth in 2003, to mean that NATO, largely supported by U.S. taxpayers, would share intelligence assets and planning strategies for E.U. missions. But, it's clear that's not the way the European Union is interpreting it. The E.U. leadership sees a chance to use U.S. and other NATO forces for its own military purposes.

Here are two excerpts from the E.U. brochure
explaining the Berlin Plus elements:>/b>

• "Assured access to NATO planning (no ad hoc North Atlantic Council [NAC] decision required). In the pre-operational phase, if requested by the UE, NATO provides input to the EUMS-led work on military strategic options. NATO also carries out operational planning when the EU uses a NATO operation commander."

• "NATO European command options for EU-led operations, including the European role of the Deputy SACEUR (DSACEUR), a 'strategic coordinator' of NATO support and a 'primary candidate' to become operation commander of an EU-led operation with recourse to NATO."

It sure sounds to me like Europe is getting ready to use American troops and U.S. equipment on E.U. military missions.
Does it sound like that to you?

I wonder how it sounds at the Pentagon?

It wouldn't be too far-fetched, of course. We've had U.S. soldiers conscripted into U.N. military actions in the past – even U.S. troops forced to serve under foreign command.

Now it appears, that in the interest of Euro-coercion, we may see even more American citizens serving foreign interests and having nothing to say about it.

The law of unintended consequences is always at work. I am sure that some agreements weren't crafted and entered by the United States for the express purpose of lining the pockets of others or providing opportunities for the citizens of other countries. It seems the appellation "American" means less and less every day. I wonder if this has been the plan all along...


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