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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Canadian Seventeen—In Fact, the Whole Ilk

Even some of the best thinkers hoist themselves on their own petards about Islam. One very good thinker-writer prefers “Islamic totalitarianism,” and this seems to be the latest in terms. Why are they stumbling over saying “Islam,” instead of some qualified Islam? The correct integration is "Islam," period. All qualifications amount to "Islam Islam."

The reporting and discussion of recent events in Canada have beome hilarious—because of the efforts people made to avoid the Law of Identity.

Why, these seventeen were…just what were they? Except for one, they were "youths.” They were “male,” even “men” or “young men.” Almost a week went by before news and opinion personnel whispered that these seventeen were “Muslims.”

Shades of the reactions in England following the subway bombings, staid Canadians could hardly believe that 15 of the 17 were Canadian—born in Canada and raised in Canada. “Canadians?” Horrors. Such is not supposed to occur. It just isn’t done. And to think how beneficent Canadians have made themselves toward the Muslim hoards flowing into Canada. Here, they were about to allow shari'a in Toronto. A?

The British may still not be able to deal with the fact that the Paki boys were not Paki at all. They were born and raised in England. Like the Canadian homegrown Muslims, they flabbergasted Brits. What could explain all this?

The “deepest” explanation yet being offered about the Canadian 17 is that they are filled with “hate.” How could they come by such hate?

It is all same-old, same-old. It is time to announce that the “emperor has no clothes.”

What unites all Muslims everywhere, regardless of ethnic background, place of birth, or culture is Islam. Not radical Islam. Not extreme Islam. Not perverted Islam. Not hijacked Islam. Not Wahabbi Islam. Not Shiite Islam. Not Sufi Islam. Not Islamic fascism. And, not Islamic totalitarianism.

And absolutely not poverty, alienation, lack of integration, insufficient positive regard, lack of love, etc.

A friend reminded me that as soon as a baby is born into a Muslim family, the father whispers in the baby’s ear about Allah being all great, etc. Before puberty, Muslim kids’ minds ossify—they become Islamists. Few ever escape.

The Islam they learn is the same Islam that has always been, for some 14 centuries. Why do Muslims grow up Islamists, and why are they always the same? It is Islam, stupid! The Islam of today is the same Islam as in 632 A.D.

Muslims grow up awaiting the call of Islam to become activists. That call is going out from every Islamic source all the time.

The answer is not to moderate Islam. It is to reduce the power of Islam and Muslims back to the level of the seventh century so that they cease to pester civilization. Whatever it takes is not too much. That includes purging Islam from the West and any adherents that won’t adapt.

Otherwise, the Canadian 17 are just prologue.


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