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Saturday, June 03, 2006

When Muslim Inmates Make Up the Rules

Everyone knows that a prison is for discipline and, possibly, rehabilitation. Because of constraint of salary costs, the ratio of guards to prisoners in most prisons if small, making the prison guard's job more difficult out of fear of violence toward individual guards and full-scale revolt; both occur from time to time. The prison at Guantanamo Bay does not have this constraint; instead problems rise by constraints put on them by the prisoners themselves: the constraint of the condition of Muslims attempting to manipulate a P.C. non-Muslim prison-guard corp that are attempting not to offend ANYONE.

The logical outcome of such an asinine policy culminated around May 17, 2006 with the revolt of the sub-unit at Camp Delta IV made up of "the most compliant prisoners", as differentiated from "cooperative," i.e., prisoners who given information. Compliant prisoners behave well and have "earned" privileges and additional kinds of food and activities. Among other things, the coordinated revolt demonstrated a high degree of planning and that Muslims, even as prisoners, are disdainful of non-Muslims and will always use Islam as a tool and a weapons against them. Even in a prison setting, deference by non-Muslims is always a mistake and could have lethal consequences.

Read the account by Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullo, Ret., at FrontPage.


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