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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Muslim Cognitive Constipation

There is a Muslim who writes me from time to time. His approach is respectful, and I applaud him for that. However, he is solidly ossified cognitively into Islam.

Today I got another one of his messages, in which he attempts to soften my stand on Islam. The email chain follows as an example of how hard it is to budge someone from a BELIEF SYSTEM once they incorporate it into their psyche.

The message to me is that the rational can successfully turn off Islam only by getting to the children at a very young age. On our website, Cubed and I, in several articles (here, here, and here), have been exploring what Islam does to the forming minds of children to ensure its perennial success. To the best of our awareness, the available materials on Islam deal only with the fully formed Muslim and not with the formative forces, except Raphael Patai's The Arab Mind (reviewed here). We will continue to publish on our website how Islam deforms children's minds and why that produces the refractory adolescent and adult Muslims who actively or passively support killing us.

18 June 2006

Salam (Peace) Mr. George,

sorry for the late reply.

i sense from your reply that you have a great misunderstanding about islam & muslims, i know it`s the result of the media which only focuses on the negative side, where each society has that side.

but to judge on a belief we should search the teachings of that belief, we can`t judge it by the acts of some followers, by that , we would not use our brains properly, to distinguish between right & wrong.

there are some who understand things in a wrong way, or maybe try to assure a certain thought in order to ruin the image of islam (i mean the muslims who understand islam the wrong way)

while the real islam calls for peace, love & justice.

you are saying that the moderate muslims have been interred, have you have visited a muslim society? have you even visited a muslim country? have you ever dealt with muslims?

you can`t judge based on TV & news , i call you to explore islam from it`s original source & try to be fair without a pre-judgment.

thank you very much

Salam (Peace)

IWG 50 M1


Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 06:04:14 -0700
From: 6thCAJ & Sixth Column
To: IWG 50 M1
Subject: Re: I know that, my article may be unusual ,but
it might be useful. PLEASE read it


You wrote: "I know that, my article may be unusual ,but it might be useful. PLEASE read it."

I read it. I found nothing unusual about it. I failed to find it useful in any way.

Your article is Islamic propaganda. It spins the same set of kitmanisms that a number of Muslims would like for non-Muslims to think that Islam really is. Alas, I have read Islamic materials in breadth and depth, covering the Muhammadan times to the present, and I watch the news.

However much syrup Muslims pour over Islam, they can never disguise its fundamental toxicity. What the world needs is a radical Islamectomy. Muslims have made us realize that the only peaceful and trustworthy Muslims have been interred.

George Mason


On 7/6/05, IWG 50 M1 wrote:
> I know that, my article may be unusual ,but it might
be useful. PLEASE read
> it ________________________________
> What is Islam¿
> The name of this religion is Islam, the root of which is Silm and Salam which means peace. Salam may also mean greeting one another with peace. One of the beautiful names of God is that He is the Peace. It means more than that: submission to the One God, and to live in peace with the Creator, within one's self, with other people and with the environment. Thus, Islam is a total system of living. A Muslim is supposed to live in peace and harmony with all these segments; hence, a Muslim is any person anywhere in the world whose obedience, allegiance, and loyalty are to God, the Lord of > the Universe.

> The followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims are not to be confused with Arabs. Muslims may be Arabs, Turks, Persians, Indians, Pakistanis, Malaysians, Indonesians, Europeans, Africans, Americans, Chinese, or other nationalities. An Arab could be a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew or an atheist. Any person who adopts the Arabic language is called an Arab. However, the language of the Qur'an (the Holy Book of Islam) is Arabic. Muslims all over the world try to learn Arabic so that they may be able to read the Qur'an and understand its meaning. They pray in the language of the Qur'an, namely Arabic. Supplications to God could be in any language. While there are one nillion Muslims in the world there are about 200 million Arabs. Among them, approximately ten percent are not Muslims. Thus Arab Muslims constitute only about twenty percent of the Muslim population of the world. >
> Muslims believe that Allah is the name of the One and Only God. He is the Creator of all human beings. He is the God for the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the atheists, and others. Muslims worship God whose name is Allah. They put their trust in Him and they seek His help and His guidance.

Muhammad was chosen by God to deliver His Message of Peace, namely Islam. He was born in 570 C.E. (Common Era) in Makkah, Arabia. He was entrusted with the Message of Islam when he was at the age of forty years. The revelation that he received is called the Qur'an, while the message is called Islam.

> Muhammad is the very last Prophet of God to mankind. He is the final Messenger of God. His message was and is still to the Christians, the Jews and the rest of mankind. He was sent to those religious people to inform them about the true mission of Jesus, Moses, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham. Muhammad is considered to be the summation and the culmination of all the prophets and messengers that came before him. He purified the previous messages from adulteration and completed the Message of God for all humanity. He was entrusted with the power of explaining, interpreting and living the teaching of the Qur'an.

> Muslims are required to respect all those who are faithful and God conscious people, namely those who received messages. Christians and Jews are called People of the Book. Muslims are asked to call upon the People of the Book for common terms, namely, to worship One God, and to work together for the solutions of the many problems in the society. Christians and Jews lived peacefully with Muslims throughout centuries in the Middle East and other Asian and African countries. The second Caliph Umar, did not pray in the church in Jerusalem so as not to give the Muslims an excuse to take it over. Christians entrusted the Muslims, and as such the key of the Church in Jerusalem is still in the hands of the Muslims. Jews fled from Spain during the Inquisition, and they were welcomed by the Muslims. They settled in the heart of the Islamic Caliphate. They enjoyed positions of power and authority. Throughout the Muslim world, churches, synagogues and missionary schools were built within the Muslim neighborhoods. These places were protected by Muslims even during the contemporary crises in the Middle East
> Thank You
> For more information about Islam:
> Embrace Islam
> EmbraceIslam@yahoo.comFree Islamic Books
Free_islamic_book@yahoo.comMore Info

I have tried to edit only the formatting to improve readability. I removed only redundant and noncontributory phrases.

That a Muslim attempts to PERSUADE me is unique. I expect nothing but blood-curdling threats and vituperations. This is refreshing.

However, the writer has drunk all of the Islamic kool-aid and now marches to its drummer. He attempts to mix fact and fantasy, rather than going to principles. He has all the cliche'd rejoinders down pat as well as the lines of propaganda. All of these have neutralized his ability to step out of the Islamic box and take a fresh look, which includes reading and hearing what others tell about Islam.

Going to the principles takes Islam and Muslims to ground they cannot defend or even fight on. Thus, Islam long ago waged continuous war on the human mind.

Once the Islamic mind ossifies in early adolescence, most Muslims are lost to reason forever. Yes, they always retain the capacity for it, but Islam's efforts to kill reason in each and every Muslim usually carry the day for Muslims.


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