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Thursday, July 15, 2004

"Innocent" Muslims

The issue of possible "innocent" Muslims must be raised to be put to rest.  We are told that there are peace-loving Muslims who follow Islam as a religion of peace.  We used to be told that there are Muslims in America who are American patriots. 
Let's give the benefit of the doubt and tentatively accept as fact the proposition that some Muslims in America are loyal Americans who love and support our Constitution and way of life.  We cannot conclusively identify a single one of these Muslims.
Does this mean that Muslims fear standing up publicly for America, or does it mean that our journalists and media ignore them?  It seems to be both.
Muslim silence deafens.  What would they fear, if they indeed do fear standing up publicly?  The only probable answer is that they fear other Muslims.  The only Muslims they could possibly fear are those regarded by Islam as "good" Muslims.  "Good Muslims,"  by this, means those who practice religious zealotry.  These good Muslims advocate practicing consistent, fundamentalist Islam.
What kind of religion produces this kind of Muslim-on-Muslim terrorism?  The ugly answer is one we know well.  Islam requires terrorism to survive.  Islam is totalitarianism.
As for the journalistic media, they have lost all credibility with rational people.  Almost all are agendists.  They want certain conclusions or a certain results.  They lie by omission and commission to get that conclusion or result, which almost always involves undercutting America.  Their reporting on patriotic American Muslims would violate their agendas.
Suppose, however, there is a third explanation.
Islam tells Muslims to pack together, to form a global tribe--the ummah.  Their allegiance is to be to Islam only.  They are to support Muslims only and never do anything which could even remotely be construed to be adverse to Muslims.  None of this concern and consideration applies at all to non-Muslims, who count for nothing.  Non-Muslims are kaffirs, infidels, i.e., targets of opportunity.
Our third explanation carries us to the conclusion that many Muslims in America do not stand up because they just do not want to stand up.  They may be Americans as de facto citizens, but not American patriots.  Their support goes to Muslims and Muslim causes and activities.
Allegiance to the ummah expresses itself as emotional support for jihadists and even monetary support for them.  Such Muslims cluster into exclusive communities, refusing to assimilate into the American culture.  Islam is ALL to them.
Such communites tend to harbor and protect Jihadists.  Some members of these communities are in fact "sleepers," awaiting Jihadi activation.  Who is to know?
Even those Muslims who might profess support for America and her laws face doubt about their sincerity from non-Muslim Americans because of Islamic tactics of deception.  The infidels are the enemy, and anything done to disarm the enemy by congeniality, hiding intent, or telling lies receives moral sanction from Islam.
So, when a Muslim does stand up, is this Muslim for real?  Who is to know?
Muslims who practice peace and benevolence get slurred as "bad Muslims" by "good Muslims."  If they are really peaceful and benevolent, they have to ignore some commandments of Islam, and that makes them hypocrites.
Islam destroys Muslims as human beings.  Muslims cannot win.  Obedience to Islam destroys their potential and fuses them to a maelstrom.
To reform Islam is to destroy it.  It must be rejected totally if one who was previously trapped in Islam hopes to live with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
We are left destrusting Muslims.  Lying and deception are integrated to Islam.  To be safe, we must take Muslims as Islam dictates and distrust them all.  Our preservation demands no less.
The onus falls on Muslims to overcome their dilemma if they want to join the family of rational man.


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