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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"The blood of our husbands and the body parts of our children are our sacrificial offering."

BBC NEWS Middle East 'Jihad' magazine for women on web

'Jihad' magazine for women on web
By Sebastian Usher
BBC World Media correspondent

The issue is not the publication of the magazine or the magazine itself. The important issue is the call for sacrifice. Keep in mind that sacrifice means giving up something of greater value for something of lesser value. Far too many people in the West think this is some ethical ideal.

Well, this is what it means. "The first edition of the magazine uses fierce language similar to that found on Sawt-al-Jihad. One of its encouragements to jihad reads: "The blood of our husbands and the body parts of our children are our sacrificial offering."

Westerners have been fed the sacredness of sacrifice from Judaism and Christianity for centuries. As religion as a cultural force began fading after the Renaissance, sacrifice was renewed and updated by Immanuel Kant who enshrined duty and sacrifice as the highest moral ideal. Kant went as far as extoling the supreme value and virtue of intention as equal to if not better than the actual act of sacrifice. To Kant, if your intentions were good, these were as good as the act, as long as you could receive no benefit from either the intention or the act. Modern liberals live Kantian sacrificial ethics as their standard.

In Islam, duty and sacrifice mean just what they say. The highest ethical achievement of a Muslim is self-sacrificial service to Allah. In fact, he has no value as an individual. His value comes solely from his duty to Islam. Giving one's life in service to Allah, shahid, or martyrddom, is Islam's highest virtue. Think about it. Death is the standard. Islam reinforces this notion by its disparagement of life on earth and taking any pleasures from such living.

Islam is literal. Give your life for Allah, without hesitation or any other consideration.

If sacrifice is an ideal, then there has to be someone receiving the sacrifices. In Islam, it is the power-lusting mullahs and the dictators. For those who grow up under its influence, Islam is obedience training.

"The blood of our husbands and the body parts of our children are our sacrificial offering."

That is what sacrifice means. Bury your self so that you can accept giving the blood of your husbands and the body parts of your children. To be able to do this, you have to wipe out their value to you and wipe yourself out as worthy of having values.

Ain't Islam grand?

For a presentation of Islamic ethics, see 6th Column Against Jihad.


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