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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Russia's Gathering Storm

Russia's Gathering Storm

Feeling sorry for the children and innocents in the Beslan disaster makes sense. Feeling sorry for the Russians does not. More specifically, reaching out to help Vladimir Putin makes no sense.

Stephen Schwartz in this article provides an excellent summary of the situation regarding Chechnya and Russia. He gives excellent history as well as analysis.

Schwartz also reminds us that the hand of Wahhabism stirs this pot of violence, and the source of the agents and their funding lies in Saudi Arabia. We continue to do nothing about Saudi Arabia and its all but official sponsorship of jihadism. We must never lose focus and never forget. I would hope after the election, President Bush will give Saudi Arabia an ultimatum. I won't hold my breath.

I have long suspected that Putin wants to restore and head a totalitarian dictatorship in Russia. He is no friend of ours at any time for any reason. Schwartz gives some compelling information about Putin and his ambitions, including the possibility that Putin's filthy hand made Beslan happen. It became his "Reichstag Fire," so named because Hitler burned down this august German equivalent of our Capitol Building and blamed it on the Communists so that he would be voted into power. Putin belongs in the same cesspool with France and Germany. We must never forget that just because the USSR fell, Russian communism and communists did not.


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