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Saturday, September 11, 2004


I knew this anniversary was coming, and I really wanted to write something meaningful. But, as the day grew closer, I felt a torpor setting in. If this happened on the anniversaries in 2002 and 2003, it must not have been enough to take a seat in my memory. This year is very different.

The torpor I feel is that leadening of spirit, cognition, and even body that results in sitting quietly and vacantly on the couch, seemingly aware of very little. In fact, I am aware of very much. Images and clusters of emotions come into and fade out of my consciousness like blobs in a lava lamp. If I seek them, they do not come. They seem to have a will of their own.

I can introspect pain. It is mine and all of those with whom I indentified that awful day and for the days that followed. Some is grief; some is depression; some is rage. I still want to take out Islamia using the might of the USA all at once, and using our full arsenal. When the dust and smoke clear, I want nothing left of them more advanced than the 7th century A.D., which they long so much for.

My dominant emotion is anger. This anger comes from justice not yet done, and in many ways, justice not yet begun. Just as I want no more 11 Septembers in the USA or any of the events of the 70s, 80s, and 90s which told the jihadists that it was safe to get us here at home, I want no more Fallujas, Najafs, Sadr Cities, Sunni Triangles. I will go one more. I want no more Qoms, Medinas, Meccas, Palestines, or Bekaa Valleys. Their behaviors merit their extinctions.

In America, I want no more liberals-socialists-communists (you sort out who is who if you can) who undercut our rational unity and will to stand up for America first and foremost and always, and anyone else next who allies with us against Islam. I want an end to all fifth columnists and their anti-American behaviors. I want to close the borders and throw out everyone who is not a citizen. I want some other solution to the wetback problem, including growing my own lettuce, if necessary. I want Islam given the same legal status as Nazism. I want all of the lobby groups from Islamia banned and disbanded. I want profiling of Islamists and the bugging of every mosque. I have no problem with formally banning Islam from the United States of America.

Prior to 11 September 2001, I did not have these thoughts and feelings. In fact, I was unwittingly a part of America's problem. I had not taken Islam seriously, thus had let myself remain ignorant for three decades.

That changed because I changed radically that awful day. When I got enough of my thoughts, energy, and spirits back, I set about erasing that ignorance. The first two years, I had not gone far enough. Over this past year, I have reached a level of expertise that I needed. In the next days, months, years, I will advance much farther. I have come to empathize with Samuel Adams, one of the old revolutionaries, who did so much to wake up fledgling America to the need for freedom.

What I do now with a website and blog, and the development of a book, I love, because it is a patriotic endeavor using everything I ever learned in the past six decades. I have joined others who are now sorts of "Johnny Idea-seeds." We are trying to awaken and educate Americans to the fact that we are fighting a war of ideas with Islamism, and we must act in accord with preserving and protecting those ideas which make America great.

A lot has changed in three years. We face the most serious election since 2001. One candidate takes on the war and tries to keep that war in the backyard of the Islamists. The other candidate wants to turn us into Sweden and will invite more 9-11s through his weaknesses which permeate his entire character.

Four airplanes that awful day and 19 ragheads changed us forever. Heroes emerged from everywhere to transfuse the nation with help and loving care. The passengers of Flight 93 started early, and that plane killed them, not hundreds and thousands of other Americans. How can we be too grateful?

Police, fireman, officials, and giving Americans came to the aid of the NY City victims and their families. Some died giving their all for their highest of values: America. How can we be too grateful?

Officers, enlisted, civil servants, and passersby flocked to help the dying and maimed at the Pentagon. Almost everyone became a hero that day. How can we be too grateful?

Soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen, men and women, and American civilians, have died in Afghanistan and Iraq--in the name of their highest value: America. And, today, war with Islam goes on in Afghanistan and Iraq, not in America. How can we be too grateful?

While we are doing in Islamia over there, we must clean out our own stables. Loyal opposition is one thing, but we no longer have a measureable amount of that. Our opposition is shrilly un- and anti-American. They occupy teaching positions in our schools at all levels. They infest our government at all levels. And, they bombard us from their positions of news and opinion making in the media. Happily, these are dying out, just as, in fact, Islam is on the way out. However, the process is going far too slowly.

The single greatest obscenity and travesty I have heard about 9-11 comes not from those fifth columnists who know what they are doing, but those who become fifth columnists but do not know it. For example, a surviving wife, whose husband died on Flight 93, says she has learned to "forgive" the terrorists. This is a total moral inversion, and as such it is evil. Yet she thinks she is practicing morality and does not realize how she tears apart the concept of justice and provides the terrorists with moral sanction. No American should ever do this: Never, never, never. No American should ever soften on the subject of our terrorist attackers any more than we softened on the Nazis and the Japanese during World War II. Anything less is unspeakably immoral.

Go listen, often, to Darryl Worley's song, "Have You Forgotten?" and Toby Keith's song, "The Angry American." Go look at the people throwing themselves off the Trade Towers. Find every picture of every atrocity, every beheading of every American, and see them again and again and again. NEVER FORGET! NEVER FORGIVE! NEVER FORGET! NEVER FORGIVE! Let Justice reign!!!!!

We can show great and continuing gratitude by returning American back to the land of reason.


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