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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Dearborn Michigan Muslims Held Anti-Israel, Anti-America Demonstration

And so it begins. Other groups and protesters have come and gone over the years, and once the object of their protest was over, they went home or moved on. But we know from long history and from recent events in Europe and Asia that Muslim protests build and escalate to make a create for Muslims, not to end a policy for non-Muslims. The change is always unfavorable for their non-Muslim neighbors, usually resulting in the establishment of Sharia and the enslavement of non-Muslims.

Notice that the protest sign reads: "US Hands off Muslim Land." What does that mean? In light of the fact that all the world belongs to Allah, and that Islam claims, among others, the United States and the Western Hemisphere because "Columbus employed Muslim navigators and sailors on his voyages of discovery." The logic is that all lands touched by Muslims in the "process" during "the period of discovery" gives Muslims right and title to those lands. Thus, the protesters' sign is telling the U.S. government to lay off THE U.S. as well as other lands to which Islam has laid claim.

These demonstrations will continue. Regard those in France and Germany over the wearing of hijab -- the headscarf worn allegedly for modesty. Think about the demonstrations in Thailand over the death of a Muslim criminal killed by a non-Muslim Tai policeman. Or the demonstrations to demand the release of Muslim prisoners. Or demonstrations resulting in the destruction of Christian churches, the murder of clergy, and parishioners. Demonstrations concluding with stoning of alleged adulterers, blasphemers, and so on.

Demonstrations and mob violence are used to bring about change in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Muslims use demonstrations to change regimes, usually to a more strict theocracy or to enforce Sharia, rarely to create a democracy. In non-Muslim countries, demonstrations are done to goad and finally over run a society, to establish and enforce Sharia.

Thus, we should look upon this "little demonstration" in Dearborn with apprehension. This little thing will have big consequences if allowed to get out of hand. NOW that we know what it means and HOW they do it, shouldn't we be able to shut down the process? Common sense and common cause are necessary for self-defense and self-preservation.


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