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Thursday, November 11, 2004

GOOD NEWS = Arafat is Dead; BAD NEWS = Global Ass Kissing Sets In

Jihad Watch: Arafat is still dead

Robert Spencer writes today in Jihad Watch, "Watch for an avalanche of unctuous eulogies for this jihad terrorist and master manipulator." The rest of this article documents the disgusting behavior of the sycophants of the world beginning the rush to lionize this monster.

The entire article and the ensuing comments are worth your time to read. I commented on Jihad Watch at the end of the string, and that is included. I mention this because a friend sent an amusing story which I included in that comment.

Why, here comes one now, from AP (actually, this one is not nearly as bad as what I am sure we'll be seeing soon):

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Yasser Arafat, the guerrilla leader turned Nobel Peace Prize winner who forced his people's plight into the world spotlight, died Thursday at age 75 — still reviled by many as a terrorist.

Read that carefully. "...the guerrilla leader turned Nobel Peace Prize winner..." As if he couldn't have won it without ending his guerrilla activities, and as if there really was some change in his modus operandi. Both assumptions largely false. And then there's "still reviled by many as a terrorist," by which AP means something comparable to "Mahatma Gandhi died today, revered by millions but still reviled by some benighted fools as an agitator." In this case, however, it would have been more accurate to say "This terrorist fooled enough people to get the Nobel Prize, but in the end, he was just another terrorist murderer."

Arafat died at 3:30 a.m. in a French military hospital. His last days were as murky and dramatic as his life. Arafat was flown to France on Oct. 29 after nearly three years of being penned in his West Bank headquarters by Israeli tanks.

He initially improved but then sharply deteriorated as rumors swirled about his illness. Neither doctors nor Palestinian leaders would say what killed Arafat.

"Murky and dramatic"? What is murky and dramatic about his death? No one will say what killed him; the obvious conclusion is that he died of something embarrassing. He was poisoned -- maybe by the cutthroats who have been playing "He's dead, he's not dead" for a week, or he died of AIDS, as has been widely rumored. "Murky," maybe, but "dramatic"? This is not James Bond getting sawed in two by a laser beam.

Meanwhile, the old killer is lionized at home:

Tens of thousands of Palestinians poured into the streets of the Gaza Strip in a spontaneous show of grief. Dozens of gunmen fired into the air, and marchers waved Palestinian flags.
Mosques blared Quranic verses and children burned tires on the main streets, covering the skies in black smoke. People pasted posters of Arafat on building walls.
Within hours, former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas was chosen to succeed Arafat as leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia was expected remain in charge of day-to-day governing....

Palestinian flags at Arafat's battered Ramallah compound were lowered to half staff. Television broadcast excerpts from the Quran with a picture of Arafat in the background.

"He closed his eyes and his big heart stopped. He left for God but he is still among this great people," said senior Arafat aide Tayeb Abdel Rahim, who broke into tears as he announced Arafat's death.

And also lionized abroad:

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said he was saddened by Arafat's passing.
"President Arafat was one of those few leaders who could be instantly recognized by people in any walk of life all around the world. For nearly four decades, he expressed and symbolized in his person the national aspirations of the Palestinian people."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair sent condolences to the Palestinian people.
"President Arafat came to symbolize the Palestinian national movement. ... (and) led his people to an historic acceptance and the need for a two-state solution," Blair said.

At least one sentence here points up the fact that he was Palestinian Arabs' worst enemy, and by sponsoring terror and allowing the jihad ideology to grow unchecked, he destroyed all hope for peace:

Ordinary Palestinians prayed for his well being, but expressed deep frustration over his failure to improve their lives.

Arafat's failure to groom a successor complicated his passing, raising the danger of factional conflict among Palestinians.

A visual constant in his checkered keffiyeh headdress, Arafat kept the Palestinians' cause at the center of the Arab-Israeli conflict. But he fell short of creating a Palestinian state, and, along with other secular Arab leaders of his generation, he saw his influence weakened by the rise of radical Islam in recent years.

...which made him turn ever more toward that radical Islam -- not that that was a great departure for him, as he had invoked jihad for decades. And as for "falling short" of creating a Palestinian state, he had plenty of chances -- which he himself torpedoed.
Revered by his own people, Arafat was reviled by others. He was accused of secretly fomenting attacks on Israelis while proclaiming brotherhood and claiming to have put terrorism aside. Many Israelis felt the paunchy 5-foot, 2-inch Palestinian's real goal remained the destruction of the Jewish state.

Arafat became one of the world's most familiar faces after addressing the U.N. General Assembly in New York in 1974, when he entered the chamber wearing a holster and carrying a sprig. "Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter's gun," he said. "Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand."

That is what's known as a "threat."

Two decades later, he shook hand at the White House with Rabin on a peace deal that formally recognized Israel's right to exist while granting the Palestinians limited self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The pact led to the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for Arafat, Rabin and Peres.
But the accord quickly unraveled amid mutual suspicions and accusations of treaty violations, and a new round of violence that erupted in the fall of 2000 has killed some 4,000 people, three-quarters of them Palestinian.

The Israeli and U.S. governments said Arafat deserved much of the blame for the derailing of the peace process. Even many of his own people began whispering against Arafat, expressing disgruntlement over corruption, lawlessness and a bad economy in the Palestinian areas.
Yes. I have spoken with many of them who knew what he was: a bloodthirsty hypocrite and media manipulator.

A resilient survivor of war with Israel, assassination attempts and even a plane crash, Arafat was born Rahman Abdel-Raouf Arafat Al-Qudwa on Aug. 4, 1929, the fifth of seven children of a Palestinian merchant killed in the 1948 war over Israel's creation. There is disagreement whether he was born in Gaza or in Cairo, Egypt....

After the Arabs' humbling defeat by Israel in the six-day war of 1967, the PLO thrust itself on the world's front pages by sending its gunmen out to hijack airplanes, machine gun airports and seize Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Olympics.

"Seize"? "Seize"? How about "murder in cold blood"?

"As long as the world saw Palestinians as no more than refugees standing in line for U.N. rations, it was not likely to respect them. Now that the Palestinians carry rifles the situation has changed," Arafat explained.

Posted at November 11, 2004 05:30 AM

Comments(Note: Comments on articles are unmoderated, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Jihad Watch or Robert Spencer. Comments that are off-topic, offensive, slanderous, or otherwise annoying may be summarily deleted. However, the fact that particular comments remain on the site IN NO WAY constitutes an endorsement by Robert Spencer of the views expressed therein.)
"Arafat became one of the world's most familiar faces after addressing the U.N. General Assembly in New York in 1974, when he entered the chamber wearing a holster and carrying a sprig. "Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter's gun," he said. "Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand."

That is what's known as a "threat.""

You bring up a good point, Mr. Spencer. I had never really thought of it that way. And, more than likely most of the Rubes in the UN didn't get that point either.

Posted by: paula at November 11, 2004 06:16 AM

That pretty much sums up the last two weeks.
Posted by: Gary at November 11, 2004 07:51 AM


Well folks, we can now see how Mohommad grew from a terrorist thug to a leader of billions of people in the world today. I now understand how and why the Muslims accept him as a phophet from God. Why you ask? Islam is without standards, without morals - a backward society that embraces and supports the most evil men amongst them while their common man lives simply to emulate that evil.

It's difficult to imagine that anyone outside the Muslim world would have an ounce of sympathy for him, but just peek at the news around the world. Take a look at Blair and Jack Straws comments on "poor Arafat"! It's enough to make the common, decent man ill and condemn much of humanity among us today that agrees with those sentiments.

The lying, deceitful mass murdered Arafat, will be revered as Mohommud was. But this time we are now experiencing first hand the making of a yet another terrorist thug ascending to Islams "greatest heroes, prophets and saints".

Posted by: Samantha at November 11, 2004 08:35 AM

Yasser Arafat R.I.P.P (rest in pigs piss)

Good riddance to bad rubbish, may your soul burn eternally in the darkest pits of hell you inhuman scum, the blood of innocent israelis is on your demonic hands, and you will suffer intensly for each of them . May the rest of your nomadic land grabbers join you soon.
There is no "Palestine".
Posted by: Rikki at November 11, 2004 09:55 AM

"Yasser Arafat R.I.P.P (rest in pigs' piss)," writes Rikki. I do not know how anyone could improve upon that sentiment and phraseology.

Yes, it is a better day. Old AIDS ridden Yasser can orgy with his bodyguards no more. Yasser so fully and completely represented Islam at its very best. Imagine his surprise to discover that there is no Allah, no Paradise, and he does not have 72 pearl onions to bugger now. It is too much fun to think about.

A dear friend of mine sent this, and I think readers will enjoy it:

Yasser Arafat, in a coma in a Paris hospital, suddenly opened his eyes and saw several doctors surrounding his bed. apparently agitated, he asked, Where am I? What am I doing here?" The doctors told him that he hadn't been well, and he was flown to Paris to receive a diagnosis of his condition. Now, quite agitated, he asked, "So, what is my condition? What isthe prognosis?" The doctors told him the prognosis was not good, and he had a terminal illness. Then, he was really agitated, and he asked, "So when will I die?" The doctors looked at the floor, the ceiling, the walls .....anything to avoid eye contact with Arafat. Eventually, one doctor said, "You will die on a Jewish holiday!" Now, he got extremely agitated, and demanded to know "Which one will it be?" "It doesn't matter," the doctorreplied. "The day you die will be a Jewish holiday!"

Posted by: George Mason at November 11, 2004 10:12 AM


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