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Friday, November 12, 2004

Women Are Coming Under Attack In Both Muslim and Non-Muslim Areas

In the Muslim world, traditionally women and children were off limits for the purpose of combat. Now they are both combat victims and targets of intimidation for the purpose of creating a retrograde society based on past traditions when women were not educated and confined to the home.

This is occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan, where women are kidnapped, assaulted, and worse. Educated working women have given up jobs and businesses out of fear. Those that haven't have paid the price.

European women living near Muslims have found life intolerable. Fear and intimidation have forced non-Muslim women and girls to adopt Muslim dress and, sometimes, Muslim ways. Most reported crimes against European women are committed by Muslim men. The same conditions are reported in Australia where rape occurs because they deserve it for being "inappropriately dressed" or because they are Australian.

In the past an expanding Muslim population living next to non-Muslims has always caused friction, and, as in the past, women and children became pawns in political and culture wars. This time women within the Muslim world are finding themselves to be pawns of the culture war that is occuring among Muslims.


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