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Sunday, November 07, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN ALERT: IF = (If you do not wake up and act, America!)

Dhimmi Watch: Hugh Fitzgerald on dhimmitude at the New York Times

Sometimes you learn as much from the string of email comments as the originating article. Yesterday, Jihad Watch/Dhimmi Watch published a good rejoinder to a (altogether too common) disgraceful editorial in the New York Times. Hugh Fitzgerald wrote a fine rejoinder, and many readers had useful comments to make in the comments section. One comment just leapt off the page and struck me right in the frontal and limbic lobes.

It came from a Dutch expatriate, and it is reprinted here in full.

We Americans must realize that there are many in the world, free and not free, who value the freedoms we value. Like us "red staters," they have little voice. In fact, their governments are so corrupted that they have no voice. They speak as they always have by voting with their feet. These, unlike Islamists, I welcome to America. To them, I throw my support, however meagre it might be. And, to Americans, I scream, "WAKE UP." Let's put out this fire of invasion by Islamists while it is still small.

Read this letter. If it does not move you and if it does not make you want to get active fighting the Islam problem in America, then please go to a "blue state" to arrange your immigration to one of the dhimmitude countries where you surely find your kind.

I just sent this to the NYT editor (unfortunately I sent this before reading
your page. I now see that I have missed some errors).

Dear Editor,

I read your editorial on 4 November, and I concluded that it contained
several factual errors.

I am a Dutch citizen who has lived in the US for the past 4 years. A few weeks before I left The Netherlands, I was assaulted by five Moroccan youths while I was unlocking my bike (3 locks because of the high incidence of bike theft) for being white. This is something I’d have expected in Harlem, but not in my hometown! Their only motivation seemed to be to do as much damage as they could in as short a time as possible and scurry back to the adjacent neighborhood. I have the police report to prove it.

I therefore have something personal to add to the discussion, considering someone not very different from my own assailants killed Theo van Gogh. I was raised to believe everyone was equal and that national origin, etc. didn’t matter. However, since I have studied the issue a bit more closely, I have come to the conclusion that the available evidence just does not back up that rosy world-view.

So, without further ado, here’s your editorial, with my corrections:

Something sad and terrible has been happening for the past 20 years to
the Netherlands, long one of Europe's most tolerant, decent and soft on
immigration societies. The latest warning sign is this week's brazen murder of
Theo van Gogh, a daring filmmaker and columnist descended from the same family as Vincent van Gogh. This summer, Dutch television showed a 10-minute film by Theo van Gogh calling attention to the horrific violence that Muslim women are routinely subjected to by family members encouraged by Islam. The chief suspect is a foreign-born Islamist extremist, as are eight other men also arrested in connection with the case.

The Netherlands used to be a country where artists and politicians dared to raise even the most controversial issues without fear of physical retaliation. As long as the issue wasn’t the immigration elephant in their living room, because they knew that was a sure way to get labeled an intolerant, extreme right wing racist. But the screenwriter who worked with Mr. van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali refugee and former Muslim who was elected as a member of the Dutch Parliament, is now once again under police protection and has to hide from Muslims in her adopted country. It's just been a little more than two years since a Dutch extremist shot Pim Fortuyn, a rising populist politician who portrayed Muslim immigration as a
grave threat to the nation's traditions of tolerance, and was able to do so
credibly because he could point to the fact that Muslims wanted him thrown from
the highest tower in town for being gay.

Urgent efforts are needed to better manage the foreign-born criminals that threaten every aspect of Dutch public life. The problem is mainly due to Muslim immigration into an already over-crowded country, and a failure of the immigrants to integrate into Dutch society. One very real hope is that the public trauma over the van Gogh murder may lead to implementation of anti-Muslim policies that could finally show that Dutch politicians are prepared to face the mortal danger that faces their electorate.

The challenge for Dutch political leaders is to find ways to reverse this disturbing trend of politically motivated violence without making it harder to achieve cultural harmony once they have deported or imprisoned every foreign-born Muslim who refuses to integrate or has outstayed his welcome.

I sincerely hope that I have clarified this matter for you.



You are welcome to publish these
corrections, but please do so using only my initials. I have no desire to join
Theo van Gogh very soon.

Posted by: Expat Dutch at November 5, 2004
09:08 PM>


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