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Saturday, November 06, 2004

What Will Soros DO Now that Bush Has Won and He Isn't in the White House?
George Soros has issued a statement: "I hope that the second Bush administrtion will have learned something from the mistakes of the first. What is at stake is our ability to recognize our own fallibility."

The writer of the article goes on to ask whether or not Soros has recognized HIS OWN fallibility?

Soros won't fall. The shrewd and willey never do. He will scheme and manipulate as he always has. What concerns me is what he plans for us as there is a streak of revenge running through.

When he had the chance to manipulate FROM the White House, I aksed, "What will he do in our name." Now that he's not there, at least to my knowledge, and not yet, my question becomes, "What will he do to us as payback?" For Soros has the ability to affect the economy by manipulating components. This is one turkey on whom we must keep close vigilance.


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