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Saturday, November 06, 2004

The "Somalia Solution"

This morning on, Robert Spencer's website,which educates and illustrates us about the dangers of Islam, one of the vernerable posters, Hugh, described the "Somalia Solution." This solution proposes that we leave Muslim countries to suffer the consequences of their own philosophy.

In the comments section, Hugh wrote:

"The ideal solution for Muslim countries, as far as the United States is concerned, is precisely the "Somalia solution." You don't hear much about that country today. It has descended into warlordism and chaos. From the point of view of Infidels, this outcome is highly desirable. Nothing should be done to put Somalia back together again -- we need only prevent Muslim Somalis from entering the countries of the West (remember how much abuse the mayor of Lewiston Maine received for speaking some home truths -- and he confined himself to the great strain put on social services and on the city budgent, and did not even get to a matter about which he may not have known -- the potential threat implicit in any increase in the Muslim population, anywhere in the Infidel world, as Europeans are finding out to their infinite regret and fury, ahead of us -- and perhaps it is also a warning to us as to what must be avoided). No, let's leave Somalia to its own mess -- and other Muslim countries as well."

If we could be CONSISTENT (the most consistent side ALWAYS wins), and if we could truly ISOLATE the Muslims, Islam would indeed be hoisted on its own petards and no longer be a threat to civilization.

An impractical philosophy is impractical (duh!), meaning it does not satisfy the requirements of reality, meaning it just won't work.

There is no philosophy that is more impractical than Islam; it is anti-life (how impractical is THAT?), it outlaws thought, it is anti-intellectual and anti-knowledge, it forbids innovation and change, it even forbids the protrayal of life in its so-called art, the mullahs can't even SPELL "rights," it micromanages the lives of its people right down to the level of telling them how to wipe their asses with a bone (left hand, please), and which day is the right one to trim their fingernails, beginning with which finger and in what manner, it promotes suicide and murder as the road to Paradise, yadda-yadda, blatt-blatt ad nauseam.

There was a book many years ago called "Atlas Shrugged" that told a story that paralelled the "Somalia Solution," only instead of leaving Islam to stew in its own juices and suffer accordingly, it told a similar story about what would happen in the U.S. if the march towards a socialist society that was then underway continued. It was all about what we today call "liberals" and other kinds of statists, collectivists, and leftists.

In the story, the productive, reason-oriented members of society, after much abuse at the hands of the collectivists, abandoned their liberal-socialist fellows to their own devices. The reader then watched the logical consquences of the implementation of their own impractical philosophy--the crumbling of society, industry, productivity, and happiness--in the wake of the abandonment by the ones who had left. They--"Atlas"--"shrugged" off the burden of abuse suffered at the hands of the collectivists.

In the book, no one came to the aid of the collectivists, so the abandonment succeeded.

The problem is, our PC friends in high places would refuse to "shrug," and would continue to bail out Islamic countries, falsely believing that they were helping us by so doing.

Islam survives only through a successful career of intense parasitism of its philosophical betters. The "Somalia Solution" would work well, if only we had the will.


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