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Saturday, November 27, 2004

FIFTH COLUMN ALERT: Targeting Christmas Toys

A few days ago, we published a poignant email blog from an ex-Muslimah who has come back to America and returned to Christianity from Islam. She has sent us another email, and that email speaks loudly.


This is XXXX XXXXXX. I wanted to write, because just an hour ago I bought a toy that blew me away. I was in the mall with my mother and children when a picture of Osama BinLaden caught my eye. I picked up the military playset and stared in disbelief at a picture of Osama smiling and waving. Next to that picture was a photo of Osama and his comrades dressed in fatigues laughing with guns in their hands. The third picture is of two arab men sitting atop a loaded tank. The words on the front read, 'THE FIRST WAR OF THE CENTURY,' in big gold letters. Behind that writing is more writing that I am trying to make out. So far I have read the word, Afghanistan. This toy is very obviously made for people who support Osama. I was very puzzled as to how this toy slipped through the cracks until I talked to the clerk of the store. I asked her if she knew who the man on the front of the toy was and she said no. I told her to look again and she said, "Saddam Hussein?" So anyways, that pretty much answered my question. I actually saw a story about these toys a few months ago, but I cannot remember what station. I was appalled then, but to actually have this toy sitting here right by me is unbelieveable. I called my local news station and left a message, so hopefully they will call back and get these toys out of our stores. I think anyone who has lost a friend or loved one in the 9/11 attacks would feel a jumble of emotions if they ever saw this military playset with the smiling Osama. Also, how in the world did these toys get to America? My four year old son keeps asking me why he cannot play with the military set I have on my desk. I keep telling him, because the man on the front is very mean. He responds, "But that man is smiling." Anyways, thought you might like to know. Take care,



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