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Saturday, November 27, 2004

U.S. Muslim Cable TV Channel Aims to Build Bridges

Education is America's Achilles heel, our weak spot that Muslims have targeted as the key to the United States knowing that take over can never be accomplished through military means as it has done in recent and past history in other parts of the world. Instead Muslims have targeted information outlets: universities, schools, print media, music videos, video games, and now a U.S. Muslim Cable TV Channel that "aims to build bridges."

Bridge building is well a good when there is firm understanding of the ground rules. Muslims are not accustomed to following rules that have been created by other cultures, as Muslims only want to obey Muslim laws and customs. The historical record has demonstrated the truth of this pattern.

Disdaining all that is non-Muslim, Muslims belong to and give their allegiance to the Ummah, the world-wide Muslim brotherhood. Islam has very specific rules, regulations, and obligations that adhere Muslims to one another and prevent them from integrating into societies that are now hosting them as immigrants. These new immigrants are a beachhead for the introduction of Islam, not as just another immigrant group, but as the foundation layer for the push for an eventual takeover.

At present we are seeing the upheaval of a Europe in chaos because of their Muslim guest workers that have come to stay. Not integrating into European society, instead they are demanding that Europe provide resources and accommodations for their Muslimness, creating havoc, expense, and unplesantness for the indigenous European populations that have bent over backwards in the attempt to create a brotherhood of man in a multicultural society. The experiment has been a failure.

Muslims are accustomed to being in charge. We don't need further education about Islam to have learned this lesson. Muslims will create a stratfied society in which non-Muslims are pushed to the bottom of the heap as dhimmis, second class citizens. Islam overpowers and sweeps away constitutions and laws made by man and puts in place Sha'ria, a system of laws based on the Koran, Sira, and ahadiths of Muhammed. No amount of education and bridge-building can blind us to these realities that, again, are part of the historical record.

The experience of America, an idea, not an address, is one of a layered salad. Each immigrant, racial, and religious group adds a distinct flavor to the mix without one overpowering the other. Islam is the spoiler of this metaphor. Muslims have always refused to be just one more layer in the salad. Instead, Muslims have always chosen to be the smallest ingredient, the salad dressing, one that overpowers and sometimes wilts and eventually destroys the others. Eventually, in the tasting, the salad dressing is the salad. Muslim population in the United States is less than 1%, yet this tiny minority, properly funded and placed, is capable of grabbing power for themselves as they have in countless societies throughout history.

In America we listen to all points of view. We can complain and criticize without fear of reprisal. We tolerate outrageous demonstrations as long as no one is hurt, no property is damaged, and there is no cry for the overthrow of government. Islamic societies don't permit criticism of Islam as such criticism is characterized as blashpemy. Critics are labeled "racists," although the category of Muslim is not a race, and Islamophobes although we don't fear Muslims, we only see the potential danger of them and their movement as demonstrated in Europe and in other parts of the world. Europeans, and even Canadians, have caved in to Muslims by creating hate-speech laws that effectively silence their critics and squash dissent.

No amount of bridge building can erase the realities of the European experience, the Arab-Muslim genocide of Darfur Muslims and the Christians of the South, of the persecution and murder of Iraqi Christians, and the exodus of Palestinian Christians from Gaza and the West Bank. Nor will we stop seeing atrocities of Nigerian Muslims against other religions nor the beheadings of Thai Buddhists and so on. Bridge building is possible if other groups are ignorant of the facts.

Let's take a wait and see attitude about how this new tv cable channel presents Muslims. Stay tuned for further developments. I'm sure I'll have plenty to say as this plays out.


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