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Thursday, November 25, 2004

How Muslims Paint Christians and Their Holidays as "Pagan"

The upcoming Christmas Season is full of joy, laughter, fun, gifts, the Nativity, and "pagan symbols." Does that mean that when we erect and Chritmas tree or burn a"yule log" that we are worshiping the sun and the forces of nature? Because we have Santa coming down the chimney to bring gifts, does that mean that Santa is revered as a god? Do we think of these now traditional symbols in the same way as did our pagan ancestors, and in doing so, are we really "pagans?"

At Easter children look for painted eggs that are hidden by the mythical "Easter bunny." Do we worship the bunny and eat the eggs in remembrance of the bunny or in the remembrance of Christ?

Some Christians do believe that Christmas, Easter, and other holidays are, indeed, "pagan." This is one reason why we have so many Christian denominations. No Christian is surprised to hear of this controversy. Even our founding Puritan founders objected to Christmas and Easter.

But most Christians would probably be surprised to learn that ALL Muslims consider Christians to be pagans. One reason is that most Christians observe Christmas and Easter, and even though few Christians are aware of the origins of the USE of the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny, NO Christians worship trees, bunnies, reindeer, or any of these symbols that are only used as ways to bring the family together, a ways to have fun, and REMINDERS of "the Reason for the Season," a phrase that many Christians use at Christian holiday time.

No, Muslims won't wish you "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" because to do so would be "paganistic." They also won't send you a Christmas card, but will encourage you to send them one on the Muslim holiday, Eid, because, of course, Eid, for them isn't paganistic. But it's alright for Christians to send them cards because they are deluded "Infidels" and need correction, a further demonstration of Muslim contempt and disdain.

Be on the lookout for Muslims in Da'wa (calling people to Islam) that want to "purify" Christianity, first by telling you about the pagan origins of your Christmas practices that are "polluting your homes with dangerous lies that are avenues to lead people astray from the pure worship...'(gasp)' of Allah...," and then by drawing you into Islam.

Be aware that although Islam recognizes the historical presence of Jesus, Jesus is NOT very important, and is superceded by Muhammed, the last, the ULTIMATE, the only IMPORTANT prophet and PERFECT MAN.

Also be aware that Christians can change their religion with little penalty, and many Americans "experiment" with different religions until they "get it right," but Islam is "for keeps."

Be very careful if you are thinking about a change to Islam. Those that leave Islam are marked. Even in the West, apostates, those that change their religion, and especially from Islam, whether or not they were formerly Chrisitians and change their minds, are doomed to a terrible punishment IN THIS LIFE. Apostates are often killed in horrible ways: burning or beheading. What "a religion of peace!"


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