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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Poignant Email from a Former Muslim

Last night, this email came to us. This woman has felt the lashes of Islam on her back and in her soul, and one can almost feel her misery from her words.


My name is XXXXX, orginally XXXXX. I was born in 1976 to an Italian mother and Irish father who happened to love Charlie's Angels. Then at the age of 22, I married my highschool sweetheart who was from [a Middle East country]. I have to say this first, because my name makes me sound very foreign. Actually, I am just a blonde-haired green-eyed white woman who at the age of 21 converted from Christianity to Islam. I was so active in my new found faith, that I learned arabic, took Islamic courses, lived in [the husband's Middle East country] for three years, and named my children Islamic names.

Thankfully, one month ago I did something I told myself I would never do. I rented, The Passion of The Christ. Something came over me as I watched it and the next morning I denounced Islam. Suddenly, I realized that for the past seven years of my life I had been worshipping the devil. Finally, at that moment, I felt the love and protection of God all around me.

In Islam, I lived in a constant state of fear. I had been taught that the punishment for not covering my hair was that I would hang from it in hell after I died. I had studied that if I did not wash up perfectly before each obligatory prayer than that prayer would not go through. Sometimes, I had to hide my hands from my parents, because they were so cracked and dry from continuous washing in an effort for my prayers to reach Allah.

When I was in labor with my third child I was begging Allah to have mercy on me and my child. You see, I had learned that if you are not punished for your sins on earth then you will be punished after death. In my mind, I thought that Allah had chosen this third pregnancy to punish me for my sins. Therefore, while in labor, I begged Allah to let me live.

Now I know that Allah is not God. Here are my reasons. Number one, Allah is not nice or kind. In fact, after reading the Qur'an as a Christian I cannot turn to one page without a mention of death and doom. The Qur'an is basically an instruction manual on how to kill infidels. Two, while living in [the husband's Middle East country], I happened to run across a person wearing a shirt with a picture of a bloody knife stabbing through Israel. Three, I was horrified when someone sent my husband the beheading of Nick Berg. I began to cry as I heard the terrorists chant, "Allah Akbar," as they killed him.

But, what really has amazed me the most is how Islam is an exact replica of ancient sumerian pagan religion. When I say exact, I mean exact. If I would have read about ancient sumerian civilization seven years ago, it would never have crossed my mind to convert to Islam. Finally, I feel God's love in my heart with absolute certainty. I never felt that with Allah. Did I feel power? Yes. Did I feel hate? Yes, at one point I did.

While living in [XXXX], I too got caught up in the propoganda against Jews. I actually returned to America with a tiny bit of hate in my heart. Then that very same day I arrived back in [her U. S. state], I came in contact with a Rabbi at the grocery store. He smiled at me and told me to go ahead of him. I knew that that was a sign from God and I began to cry. Yet, one thing I felt the entire seven years that I was Muslim was fear. Fear is not from God, fear is from Satan. Islam is based on fear and sexual rewards in heaven. The image depicted by Islam of heaven is comparable to a teenage boy's dream. I think it is sheer blasphemy to compare heaven to some sort of orgy.

The point of my writing this to you, is because I am trying to do whatever I can to spread my message. So far, I have written an article that will be publlished in the January edition of the Lamplighter magazine. Still, I want to be as proactive as possible. If there is anything I can do with your organization, please let me know. I feel that my biggest asset in convincing people that Islam is wrong is my physical appearance. I say this, because Muslims used to be amazed that a white American female with the southern drawl could recite Qur'an. Now, I feel that I can show the world that I too was once Muslim and then list the reasons why I converted back to Christianity. Please contact me if I can help you or you can help me.



We certainly will be in contact. This lady can bring great light to the darkness of Islam and its treatment of women. We thank her very much for her email.


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