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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Jihad Watch: Moderate Muslims, Real and Phony

Jihad Watch: Moderate Muslims, Real and Phony

The issue of moderate Muslims used to vex me. The article cited illustrates why. In it, Robert Spencer provides comments about moderate Muslims and quotes from Daniel Pipes on the same subject. The Jihad Watch article is worth reading, and I note the discomfort of Spencer and Pipes concerning moderate Muslims. I am no longer uncomfortable about the concept of moderate Muslims--I know that they are the most dangerous of all Muslims.

Moderate Muslims according to the official doctrines of Islam are hypocrites who deserve extermination. Moderate Muslims pick and choose what they will and will not accept and practice within Islam. In Western terms, moderate Muslims are not only hypocrites but frankly liars who proclaim allegiance but practice deviance. From the perspective of Islam and from the perspective of the West, moderate Muslims are under enormous pressure to be orthodox.

These problems create well-founded distrust of moderate Muslims. "Liars" and "hypocrites" are not terms of admiration, after all.

Add to that the well-known deception techniques authorized and sanctioned by Islam: taqiyaa and kitman, and a few others popularized by Khomeini, based on 1400 years of official Islamic behavior.

Add to that cracks one sees in the edifice erected and called "moderate Muslims." A recent example involves the gentleman who heads the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism. This organization had been putting out admirable, pro-freedom, pro-reason statements until the death of Arafat. Nawash then published a document dumping causality on Israel for Arafat and requiring Israel to walk all of the extra miles to accommodate the "Palestinians" as if the Palestinians had been nothing more than neighbors who offended by having too much junk in their front yards. In one stroke, Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism showed that under its guise of moderation were typical Muslims, not to be trusted in any way, except to be typical Muslims.

I have every reason to distrust moderate Muslims because I cannot trust them. I can trust the orthodox Muslims. The latter plan to kill me and destroy my loved ones and my country. They will not stop until we put them out of our misery. They are fully predictable, and, as such, they merit a smidge more respect than do moderate Muslims.

I no longer accept the concept of moderate Muslim as valid. I would have to see very long, very consistent, very public behavior on the part of very many Muslims first. They made themselves totally untrustworthy, and the onus befalls them to correct it. Alas, I do not have enough years of life left to see this outcome. Besides, I do not think Muslims change their nature.

The naive may want to extend to them the very American gift of taking one at one's word. However, if you know their history, if you have studied their behaviors, and if you have studied their doctrines, you know perfectly well what the truth is: No Muslim can be trusted until he or she proves it beyond any form of doubt whatsoever.


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