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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Why Should We Care What Goes On “Over There?”

Increasingly I hear from perplexed friends and family that wonder why we should bother with what happens outside the United States as “they should solve their own problems” and “we have enough problems with our own people and our own security.” They have said this for years, long before 9/11. They fail to realize that we no longer live in a world where the United States is buffered by two oceans and less vulnerable to attack. Our enemy has also changed from one that wears the uniform of a recognized state, fighting for the emperor or the fatherland, to another that wears the uniform of the jihad, of “righteousness” for a state that exists only in the minds of almost a billion believers, the Umma of Islam.

How does it affect us? We haven't had an attack in more than three years. If Homeland Security can keep them away, why should we bother with them? Why should we spend our treasure and the blood of our young people on those people OVER THERE? I have to keep it simple, not because they are, but because the problem is complicated, the actors have strange names and their histories are varied, and my dear friends and family, bred and raised in a tolerant society where most get along, are naïve to the ways of the strange, yet the tale that I have to tell is familiar. Thus, not as an insult to their intelligence, or yours, I will go from the general to the specific to educate my dear ones. Please feel free to join in.

Let me begin.

“Mom, Dad, Aunt Sallie, we have been under attack for several decades but we didn't know it because this war doesn't resemble the one that you fought in, Dad.”

The enemy is also different. First of all they don't fight for a country, they only hide out there and sometimes get help from the population and economic support from the leaders that might be sympathetic or might be just paying tribute so they attack them. They call themselves freedom fighters or guerillas. We call them terrorists because they hit civilian rather than military targets. We have to get them out and get rid of them because if they become entrenched they will take over the country and use its population and infrastructure, armed forces and weapons systems against us. For this reason we had to go get Saddam Hussein, get him out of Iraq, and prove to the rest of the world that we are serious about the War on Terror.

Furthermore there are other things we have to care about over there. Millions of people were murdered by these killers and will be again if we can't help them set up a different kind of government. This new style government will be less likely to threaten neighbors and, frankly to us. Although we live thousands of miles away, in an age of long-range missiles, we are vulnerable to warheads packed with nuclear weapons or even biological or chemical weapons. We are vulnerable to the agents that they would send to infiltrate us and plant dangerous materials and ideas among us. We must evaluate and preempt for our own safety and survival.

Remember when you were young and the Nazis came into power? You do remember that at first no one recognized that they were dangerous. No one thought that they could ever become powerful enough to become the German government. No one thought that the Nazis could overpower an ancient society, to create a brainwashed youth force, an almost invincible army.No one thought that the Nazis would move on their neighbors or round up and exterminate millions of European Jews, or commit other atrocities such as human experiments. No one could imagine these things or others, just as few can imagine how an army of seemingly illiterate rag tags could presume to challenge the West and the United States and believe they can win.

The rag tag army that are also known as jihadists are members of an extreme form Islam that has converted parts of the Koran into their creed, their battle cry against the West, and they a world ambition. Hitler and the Nazis converted parts of Christianity and early European pagan religion into their creed and battle cry against the Europeans and with the same ambition of world dominance. The are the same party because early in the 20th century, the jihadists met in Berlin with Hitler and mingled with the Nazis. The jihadists and the Nazis had one other thing in common: they are anti-Semites, they hate the Jews. The Nazi exterminated Jews in the camps and the Islamo-fascists are exterminating Jews wherever they find them.

Just as the Nazis went after the Jews in Europe, the Islamists, a political form of Islam, has jihadists, holy warriors, go after Jews where ever they can be found. Jews are the "descendents of apes and pigs.” It says so in the Koran. Jews drink the blood of children, the “blood libel,” it says so in the The Protocol of the Elders, a counterfeit document that was falsely attributed to early Jews, but in reality was created in the Soviet Union. Islamists have attached themselves to this document, using it as a propaganda tool against Israel and the United States. The United States is a target for this propaganda smear for four reasons:

(1) The United States supports Israel in the Middle East; (2) the United States is a Christian country a country of Infidels, non-believers that must be reverted to Islam; (3) Christians are, in their eyes, only another type of Jews, a watered down type of Jew, as Christians came from Jews as Jesus was a Jew; (4) as the United States has the largest population of Jews outside of Israel, the United States harbors Jews. The Islamo-fascists, the Nazi form of Islam, wants us dead because we aren't Muslims and because we are either Jews, watered-down Jews, or for these and all the others, Infidels, non-believers.

The Nazis cared very deeply about race. Their pride lay in their Aryan racial stock that they claimed was the Master Race and the Third Reich stocked with Aryans that would rule the world. The other races and other Caucasians were mongrels, lesser, and fit only to be slaves for the Master Race. Remember that the Nazis created an experimental breeding program to create legions of racially pure babies through the union of prime Aryan specimens. Aryan-type children in other European countries were kidnapped and placed in German homes to give them the correct upbringing. Undesirables were sent to camps or sterilized or euthanized to prevent pollution of the stock. Genealogy was scrutinized to identify true Aryans. Nazis were fanatical about blood and race.

Today's fascists, the Islamo-fascists care deeply about Islam in the same manner. However, instead of focusing on Aryanism, race, they focus on religion and culture, Islam and Muslim culture. Islam is the paragon ideology equivalent to Nazism and Muslims are the equivalent of Aryans. Their pride lies in how well they have integrated every facet of their social and spiritual lives into one package they call Islam. Just like the Nazis, Muslims are constantly monitoring themselves and one another to make sure that thought and deed conform to the official line. And just like the Nazis, reprisal is used to keep all in line. As of late we have read about bombings, beheadings, and executions by burning, hanging, and gunshot by Islamist-Jihadists that are attempting to eliminate the opposition, collaborators, the Western forces, and anyone that might consider straying off the official Islamist path.

Yes, I know. They have right to their religion over there, just as we have the right to ours. If they would stay over there and just sell us oil, I might agree with you.

But history has a way of coming back on us. We in the West fidldled with the Middle East in previous centuries. In late 19th and early 20th centuries the Great Powers of Europe colonized most of the world, including the Middle East and Africa. They carved out empires at the expense of the inhabitants and, when all was said and done, during negotiations, representatives sat down and drew lines on the map to determine the locations of the new countries they wanted to form. The problem was that the people living in those territories didn't live in the countries, they live in family units.
They are traditional people.;They belonged to tribes and clans, not countries. Tribes and clans have different organizational and social patterns that can't easily be confined or defined by lines on a map. The new countries disturbed the ancient patterns of life of the tribes and clans.

Leaders friendly to the Great Powers were put in place, leaders that were not necessarily friendly to or good for the people over whom they ruled for the benefit o the Great Powers. Their legacy is still in place as most of the ruling entities in Muslim world were established in this manner. Many of these rulers and their extended families and friends have become very powerful and very rich. The Islamo-fascists don't like them and wish to eliminate this class of people for being corrupted Muslims. Rightly so, they blame the West for establishing and maintaining these leaders. However, the leaders are responsible for creating the conditions within the countries.

The very rich and powerful leaders choose not to develop industries and jobs in their countries. Instead they choose to spend their money on weapons sytems, luxury goods, and Islam. They choose to fund madrassas, or Muslim schools that teach the Koran and jihad, and they choose to fund and export jihad to the West. These same leaders about whom the masses complain are in fact jihadists in stealth -- they are supporting the Islamist goal of the Caliphate. They would be the leaders of the world if the jihadists are successful.

We know why Muslim leaders fund Islam, but we don't understand why the suffering masses go along with them. Why don't the poor and the illiterate demand something better? Remember that Islam is the paragon. Unlike Christians, Muslims care much, much more about the form than they do of a person's belief or faith. They are promised paradise if they stick to the path, especially if the go on jihad. How can they have faith? Faith will come and grow with physical practice of the forms and through the recitation of five daily prayers in Arabic. Repeated prayers is a key. The attendance at Friday prayers is monitored and sometimes fiery sermons at the Mosque are given at the Mosque.

The illiterate are given five basic goals or commandments. They are what we call the Five Pillars.

The Five Pillars are: (1) faith and belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophet hood of Muhammad, or God isn't “three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but one being - Allah, and Muhammad the only prophet that really counts.

(2) Daily prayers called and prayed five times a day - all else stops, prayers are on hands and knees, and there is a ritual form; prayers are always in Arabic regardless of whether the petitioner understands. Weekly prayers are held at the Mosque along with a sermon. Fiery, sermons urging the killing of Jews and Westerners are often given at certain Mosques.

(3) Concern for and almsgiving to the needy; contribution to charities is mandatory. Instead of going to the needy, much of the funds collected by charities are now funneled to terror groups.

(4) Purification of the body before prayer through washing and through fasting as specified times. Foot washing takes place and, in the West, Muslims make do with hand-washing basins, much to the consternation of non-Muslims. Food must also be “pure” of pork products and should not be handled by non-Muslims. In fact, touching by an Infidel is polluting and the Muslim must be purified before prayer.

(5) Pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime for those that are able. Some can afford and go every year to participate in several ancient ceremonies. One of them is throwing shoes and stones at a rock called “Satan.” Of course this is the symbolic way to drive Satan out of their lives. The United States has been labeled the “Great Satan” and Israel has been labeled the “Little Satan.” Symbolically every year Muslims throw stones and shoes at the United States and Israel, the incarnations of Satan and the enemies of Islam. The goal of the jihadists is to drive the Great and Little Satan from Muslim llands.

The Nazis fought in the Middle East against the Great Powers and the United States to acquire the oil of the Middle East. They would have starved the economies of the West or used oil as a tool for world takeover. The Islamists have the same plan. They want to achieve world take over and will use the assets of captured oil countries to blackmail and extort the West. As did the Nazis, Islamo-fascists are interested in world resources, the use of human capital, economic power, and military power.

The Nazis set up the Third Reich as the essential world government. They had organized all of society around Nazi philosophy so that every aspect of life was carefully controlled and directed by Nazi philosophy and laws that established and maintained them in power. All other lesser beings were to serve the state apparatus and the ruling hierarchy. We remember that well and fought to bring it down as it was a threat to the freedom of all. We identified the Nazi threat and went after it, but the Islamo-fascists have been harder to spot because they aren't yet a government in the traditional sense.

The Islamo-fascists have a much more ancient form of government that is equivalent to the Third Reich. It is called the Caliphate. The Caliphate, ruled by a caliph, had existed off and on, for more than a thousand years in the Middle East and West Asia. Although it is an Arab form of government as Islam is an Arab form of religion, the last Caliphate was located in Istanbul, Turkey, and was dismantled by Mustafa Ataturk in 1924 when he established the Turkish Republic. He is credited with creating a modern, secular society and forcing modernization on traditionalist Muslims by outlawing certain dress and behavior codes. He became an enemy of the traditionalists Muslims that began the struggle to replace the Caliphate.

Usama bin Laden is a traditionalist. He is an Islamist that wants to bring back the Caliphate. He wants to return Islam to a purer form. He wants to remove all traces of Western influence from the Muslim lands and the Muslim world.

But there is a catch; there is always a catch with Muslims. How do we define Muslim lands? Most Westerns would make this definition refer to lands over there in the Middle East and North Africa, West Asia, or even as far away as Indonesia. Few Westerners know that Muslims consider any land that Muslims once held or perhaps were involved in the discovery were and are Muslim lands.

Of course Muslims include Spain in that category as Islam occupied Spain for more than seven hundred years. France is included as Muslims invaded and briefly occupied southern France. Eastern Europe is rightly included as Muslims occupied all of Eastern Europe and still occupy Albania and now most of Serbia. Austria is included as the Turks invaded the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but were repelled. But that fact doesn't count. After all, an invasion is still an invasion and the occupation of just a few days, weeks, or months is all that matters.

All of Europe is considered Muslim, and Muslims have come there as guest workers or asylum seekers and have decided to stay. They are now occupying all parts of Europe. Muslims have very large families and are gaining on the indigenous Europeans and may soon become the largest group and, if not stopped, will soon eclipse the indigenous Europeans. We have been hearing about the problems that Europeans have been having with their Muslim populations that demand concessions to Islam from their hosts. Muslims don't integrate you see. They never have. They make it difficult or impossible for others to live with them, and eventually they get their way.

This is happening all over Europe at a time when Europe was trying to establish the European Union or the E.U. with a common currency, standardization of goods, services, measures, with open borders, making travel from one side of Europe to the other very easy for legal and illegal immigrants alike. Travel isn't as free as it is in the United States, but in comparison to the past, it is much freer, with fewer checks on who and what comes and goes. Very soon Europe may soon cease to exist to be replaced with Eurabia and Sha'ria.

Sha'ria is the law of Islam that rules every thought and action of a person and has a law or ritual for every imaginable circumstance that one can think of. Laws are and punishments are laid out and are specific. If you do this, then that will happen. Example: “If you have sex outside of marriage, you will be flogged or stoned.” No leeway is given for the reason for the sex outside of marriage. Rape is no excuse, no matter the age. The situation doesn't matter. Incest is not an excuse. Statutory rape doesn't exist. Death should occur for all instances of sex outside of marriage.
Recently a teenage boy was caught breaking the Ramadan fast. He ate during the day. His punishment was flogging. He died under the lash.

We should be concerned about what goes on over there for these humanitarian reasons and for another reason: Muslims claim that Christopher Columbus discovered America with the help of a Muslim crew member making America one of the lands that Muslims claim and deserve to occupy. This sounds farfetched, but one only has to look at the successful campaign of occupation that is occurring in Europe to understand that we do have something to worry about. Muslims are here, and some of them are aiming to be a part of the Caliphate. But first they intend to create Amerabia.

Canada has been the logical starting place for Amerabia which refers to the continents of the New World , not to the country we call America. Until very recently, Canada had a very liberal asylum policy. From all over the world, people came in droves. Canada is liberal in it politics and social policies, using a parliamentary system and social democracy, or socialism is the organizing ideology.

As in Europe that has equivalent political and social organization, Muslims have learned how to exploit and manipulate socialism and the parliamentary procedure. They have convinced parliament to enact hate-speech laws that effectively shut down criticism of Islam by any individual or group. Example: a minister could not teach against parts of Islam that are contradictory or even compare them as that is hate speech. The minister may not do this in public nor in private in the role of minister. Coincidentally, this law also precludes ministers from teaching against homosexuality. The Bible has been labeled a source of hate speech. Schools are strictly monitored about what they can and can not say, especially about Islam and, strangely, homosexuality. People are afraid to be overheard using speech that could be prosecuted under the news laws. Europeans speech has essentially be curtailed by their hate-crime laws as well.

As well as silencing of critics as they have in Britain and Europe through hate-speech laws, Canadian Muslims have convinced parliament to allow them to have Sha'ria arbitration for those Muslims that volunteer to participate. Few Muslims would fail to participate, for doing so would seem un-Islamic and social and peer pressure would make them pariah. And the most egregious part of this is that, unlike U.S. arbitration in the case of religious law, Catholic or Jewish, parliament has mandated that the Canadian form of Sha'ria must be enforced by Canadian officials. Thus, Sha'ria is actually not voluntary and is the law of the land. The next step would be to impose Sha'ria on non-Muslims as it is in all Muslim countries of the Middle East and Asia.

The law of the land. That rolls off the tongue so nicely. We in the United States love our law that is touted to protect us equally and is based on the Constitution. As with all others things, Muslims have a different view of the law and of the Constitution. Their view is that neither the law nor the Constitution matter. Only the law of Allah matters and some American Muslims have stated that their goal is to make the U.S. a Muslim country under Sha'ria.

Sha'ria and Islam which must supercede and abrogate all laws that are contrary to the laws of Allah. Freedom of speech would be out the window. Freedom of religion would be modified until it would be hardly recognized as a freedom as Islam tolerates no other religion to have equal status. Freedom of the press will be a memory. Islam directs what is covered and how its handled. Dissenters are swiftly dealt with; they are killed.

We should care. Our right to vote and our other cherished rights are in danger.

How could this happen? The Europeans are asking the same question now. We only need to look to them to see how it happened there and to for signs over here.

Islam is patient. Americans aren't patient. They want things to happen now, and if they don't, they lose interest. But Islam plans and waits, plans and waits. They have been known to wait for decades or for centures. They wait for the right opportunity to present itself.

Muslims know that a great military power and a strong economy can't be overpowered through direct aggression. No, they understand that the backdoor approach must be used to soften up the enemy for the kill. They are coming in through the back door to do the jobs most Americans are alleged not to want, or into universities, or to be on committees, or even as asylum seekers, Muslims have come in under the radar as the vanguard, the first wave of the greater invasion to come.

We should care for they bring with them Sha'ria, the hope for the Caliphate, and cultural habits that are frankly annoying, such as the use of loudspeakers five times a day to call for prayer. They insist on the wearing of hijab and loose clothing in official photographs that are safety issues. These and other demands pile up, demand upon demand, and could become a landslide as they are in Europe. European Muslims demand that the welfare state support them and their children and threats and violence if they don't get their way.

Muslims revile pigs and refuse to be in the presnece of any pork products for any reason. They demand of the removal of pork products from stores or check lines where Muslim children might brush up against them. Pictures of pigs or statues of pigs must be removed from billboards, advertising, toys, story books, because Muslims or their children will offended. Pork may not be on the menu in public schools because it could pollute the food that Muslim children might eat and a Muslim janitor could be required to take out the trash that included pork products or someone that ate a piece of pork at lunch might touch and pollute a Muslim.

No one has been asked to eliminate beef products to accommodate Hindu students.

Schools and businesses are being asked to provide prayer times and prayer areas for Muslims, especially during Ramadan, the month of reflection. Foot washing is required before prayer and if proper facilities aren't available, Muslims wash their feet in the sink meant for hand washing. Hospitals are now required to provide Muslim patients with different gowns and a staff that follows Muslim guidelines.

Why do Muslims get this special treatment? Why are they getting away with this? Why are we allowing this bullying from a population of less than one percent? Perhaps we see this as accommodation to religious and cultural difference. We have bent over backwards to be multicultural and tolerant. But we must now be careful.

Look to Europe as our teacher. See the example of our European cousins. They are suffering, they are in a quandary as to how to solve the Muslim Menace problem. Will there be more violence, more bombing? They thought that the Mediterranean Sea would protect them as we once thought the Atlantic and the Pacific would protect us from invasion. They were wrong and so are we.

We have to change so many things in our lives in order to survive. Have the terrorists won because they are forcing these changes. No, we aren't giving up our basic values even though some of things they are doing are in an attempt to make us look bad on the world stage. The press is on the Islamaists' side. We do things now to survive with the knowledge and hope that with lessons learned we will eventually be able to make a return.

We must care about over there because Muslims and their leftist allies have forced change upon us. Like Islam, the left has been patiently waiting in the wings to do damage to America. They want to make America socialist or even Communist. We find leftists in the press, in the schools and universities, and in the legal community that are pressing us to do away with religion in the public schools and the public square. By religion they mean Judaism and Christianity. Islam is given a free pass to occupy the void because Islam will destroy and control the America that the left hates.

Can we do anything about this? Certainly. As long as there is breath in our bodies we can raise our voices, write letters to Congressmen and editors, send e-mail messages and faxes. We can organize and fund foundations and sue or counter sue if necessary. We can investigate, analyze, read and learn about the enemy and be prepared to counter the enemy's tactics and strategies.

Which reminds me of taqiyya and kitman, strategies and tactics that Muslims have long used to confuse and defuse. Developed over thirteen hundred years ago, Muslims have perfected deception. War is deception.

Holy lying and holy hypocrisy are used to further the aims of Islam and for survival. Although lying is a sin for most Christians, lying to Infidels is not a sin for Muslims, it is an obligation, a virtue, especially if lie will make an advantage for Islam.

Examples of Taqyiyya, lying, and kitman, outwitting:

1. Outwitting- During debate, diversion of the subject is used and obfuscation is used by covering things up with references to the Koran and other holy texts.

2. Victimization - Muslims are the victims of religious discrimination and intolerance. The charge of racism is even leveled, even though Islam is not a race.This is another form of distraction and outwitting.

3. Manipulating ambiguity - example: “We condemn all acts of violence.” Not the specific: “We condemn John because he blew up the bus!” Evasion is part of this tactic.

4. Diversion - Example 1: “We condemn acts of violence here in the U.S., but the Palestinians are being blown up by the Israelis.” There is no connection, but the attention is being diverted from the violence in the U.S. to that of the Palestinians. Or, Example 2: “During the Crusades, Christians killed Muslims. Isn't that a reason for Muslims to kill Christians?” This is a reference to an historical event that has no bearing on the present as Americans didn't exist during the Crusades.

5. Demanding evidence and diversion- “Can you prove that the 9/11 bombers were actually Muslim? I have proof that the American government blew up the towers to get Americans into a war with Islam.”

6. Tactical denial - “It is impossible for a Muslim and a suicide bomber because Islam forbids suicide.” This is a bunch of hooey because Koran specifies that suicide for jihad will take the killer straight to paradise!

7. Cognitive dissonance - double talk, platitudes, clichés. Holding two contradictory beliefs - “Islam is a religion of peace and jihadists are fighting for the freedom of Islam.” Or “Muslims want respect and America and Christians must give to them.” How are Muslims being disrespected? They are being questioned and they are being thwarted in their ambition. In other words. Americans must give Muslims what they demand and be quiet in the process.

8. Muslims speak “from the same prepared script.”

Examples: Islamic spokesmen repeat the same predictable platitudes concerning Islam in London as do Islamic spokesmen in Seattle and often appear to follow a prepared script from “Islam is tolerant and peace loving' to the claim by Islamic spokeswomen invariably claiming that wearing the veil offers them more freedom (women in Muslim countries are therefore 'freer' than women in western countries), thereby precluding further examination into the real status of women under Islamic rule.

Islamic platitudes are also echoed uncritically by Western politicians, for example ”A small group of fundamentalists have hijacked a great religion'. The timely, skilful, misleading and diversionary theme of the 'hijacking' of Islam was introduced into public, political and media discourse by an Islamic 'spokesmen' in the United States shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The “Islam has been hijacked' diversionary theme is now a conventional media and political reference deflecting attention from empirical and historical examination of the doctrinal, political and religious continuity of Islamic terrorism. A related theme that a small minority of Muslims are engaged in terrorism is utterly irrelevant as Islamic terrorism is always perpetrated by 'small minorities' or more accurately' small groups'.

9.Children are used as a tactic, either as props to demonstrate that the father couldn't possibly be a terrorist, or to show how Western policies are damaging Muslim families.

10.Deceptive use of the word jihad - Some Muslims insist that jihad means “internal struggle,” whereas the Koran states that jihad is a war against the Infidel. (1)

We are the Infidel.

We should care because we are at war. We need to know who our enemy is and how he thinks. We should understand that our enemy has been walking among us for decades pretending to be peaceful, getting to know us and our ways, looking for weaknesses and people to use. They know much more about us than we know about them. That is our fault.

This is a stupid oversight that needs to be immediately fixed. Each and everyone of us needs to immediately become aware, to learn, and to prepare for the next bomb, or the next wave of invasion. Remember the invasion may not look like invasion. It may be just a simple group of people walking down the street with take over on their minds.


(1) “Taqiyya and Kitman: The Role of Deception in Islamic Terrorism.”


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