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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Islamists to the Rescue!

Secularists are on the warpath in America against any reference to God and Christianity in the public square and public schools. The Ten Commandments have forcibly been removed from when they have been affixed for hundreds of years, Christmas and Hanukkah expressions are denied space on the front lawns of court houses, reference to God in the Pledge of Allegiance is under assault, and school children are no longer allowed to pray in school or learn about the religious principles for which the Pilgrims and Puritans made the perilous journeys across the sea to take their chances in what they considered to be a "dark and forbidding land."

Children are also not to know about the religious underpinnings of each colony that was formed and their state religions: New England for Puritans, Maryland for Catholics, Virginia for Anglicans, Pennsylvania for Quakers, and so on. Nor are they to read documents that contain religious references. Even the Declaration of Independence is now off limit in some school districts because of lawsuits pending by individuals that are offended because the Founders often referred to God or "Divine Providence" or "the Almighty" in their public lives.

After a perilous ocean voyage, starvation and death of many of the colonists, the Pilgrims gathered with the Indians that had taught them how to cultivate and hunt, and to adapt to the new land. They thanked God first for getting them through and for sending then the Indians to show them the way. We have just finished the annual celebration of this event. However the thanking part is changing. Many of today's school children are being taught to ignore the "thank God" part and emphasis is only the role of the Indians in assuring the Pilgrim's survival. Thanksgiving is to be taught from a "purely historical perspective, not from a religious perspective," forgetting that the journey and the feast were based in the religion of the thankful Pilgrims. Historical revisionism is at work.

Even the holiday names have been erased, changing Christmas to "winter" and Easter to "spring." All historical references to Christianity and Judaism are expunged as if they never existed.

Music departments in schools are now encouraged not to, and in some cases forbidden from using religious music in school performances at holiday time. For centuries Western music was based on religious themes. If lawsuits are successful, schools will be severely limited to the kinds of music that can be performed or even taught about. The concept can be extended to include art that has Christian themes, literature that is either based on religion concepts, themes, or has Christian or Jewish allusion. All religious materials and references to religion are being swept away.

But are they? If we look closely we might look at the efforts of certain Islamists to infiltrate public schools with teachings about Islam. Already textbooks have been adapted to depict Islam in a more favorable light and teachers are being trained specifically to not only be more sensitive and tolerant, but to explain things from a Muslim perspective. Workshops and materials have been provided so that teachers can be successful.

Children are given activities that not only teach them about Islam but how to be Muslims as they include role plays and leading questions that require students to answer from a Muslim perspective.

As Daniel Pipes has detailed in the November 24 issue of, the 15th tip in a list of "18 tips for Imams and Community Leaders" from the Islamic Web site is "Establish a parents' committee to monitor public schools." The committee is to "arrange for Muslims to deliver talks about Islam and Muslims" in schools. Imams and parents are cued as to what to do and say if schools and teachers are reluctant to participate, much like a salesperson is taught how to approach and then close the sale. They are taught how to be persistent and thus, successful.

Pipes tells us about other suggestions from, including: "Lobby to include Islamic dates on the school calendar;" Add books and magazines about the school library;" and "Incorporate Islam into class projects. 'For example, an Islamic subject should be selected. Similar opportunities can be created in history, social science, writing and other classes."

Lawsuits against Christianity and Judaism are stripping our public lives of our religious heritage and our children are not to learn about it the religious underpinnings that made this country great. We are entering into a spiritual void.

But wait, Islamists are rushing in to the rescue to save us from secularism by providing a history and religion of another country whether we want it or not. As lawsuits are not being filed against this trend, it is obvious that the intent was not to remove religion from the public square or the public schools, but to remove only Christianity and Judaism and give Islam a free path to inculcate our children with the faith and rituals of Islam and pave the way for Sha'ria.

Will anyone save us and our children from this fate? We can't count on the ACLU or the Lawyers Guild as they are working with the Islamists. The only respite will be concerned individuals that will counter sue. And we all know how long that can take as lawsuits often take years just to get to court and the Islamists have had years to execute their plan.

As in days of old, the cry goes out: Is there anyone listening and willing to be our champion, to rescue us from the other rescuers, the Islamists?


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