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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Islamism in the Form of Al Qaeda Is Using the Internet and Video Outlets with Growing Speed, Volume, and Sophistication -- Used With Older Educational Methods, Sophisticated Educational Tools Are Being Utilized to Prepare the West for Takeover

Education is now the key to not only the take over of America, but world domination. But how would less than one fifth of the world's population overcome and dominate a mighty people and then the rest of the world?

Knowing that they have no chance to military conquer America, the only country that can thwart their goal of world domination, Islamists began the slow process of infiltration of the West and America through the backdoor. Universities, which are the bedrock of Western philosophy and institutions that tolerate divergent ideas, were the logical starting place and became fertile recruiting places for young minds and the tools of disseminating ideas that would weaken the West and make it ripe for takeover. Not content with working in the Middle Eastern Studies departments, Islamist donors armed with vast sums of petrodollars have enticed universities to allow them to have a say as to who is hired on campus and how Islam is portrayed.

School systems and textbook companies have been coerced into allowing Muslims on curriculum and textbook review committees for the same purpose: Islam must be shown in the correct light so that it is made palatable for American school children and their parents. By providing slanted textbooks, teacher training, and corrected teaching materials, Islamists have brought Islam to America's children in public schools, the best way to spread a philosophy: get them when they're really young.

Working in tandem with naive Leftists that would pair with anyone that held the West in as much contempt as they also do, Islamists have worked to depict the West and America as the world's Satan, a place of evil, and the American president, a new Hitler.

The media, staffed with graduates of departments of journalism from these same universities were all too happy to aid and abet them in the cause: destroy America. What would they put in its place? They didn't say...until now. America was to be reshaped in a more appropriate, a more moral form; America, the West, and the Muslim world that had been polluted by Western mores and thought would be reverted to the original, pure source of morality: Islam.

Islamists are sophisticated in the ways of the West. Many have been educated in Western universities and are familiar with Western technology. Technology had been used as educational and communication tools. Western law enforcement has been partially successful in capturing some Islamist operatives using communication signals. A broadcast "slip" on the evening news alerted the leadership to the fact that they were being monitored, ending technology communication. But technology continues to be used as educational tools.

Education is defined as the "development of knowledge, skill, ability or character by teaching, training, study or experience," and Islamists are educating the West through all of these means by offering video games that teach how to kill and that teach about Islam, through music videos that portray the West as evil, Islam as good, encouraging the young to rise up against authority and to implement Islam as the savior of their society.

The internet is rife with sites that "explain Islam" and answer questions about why Islam is good and the West is bad, offering advice as to how to counter and check the evil influence of the West on Muslim children living in the West, how to integrate Muslim influence in public schools, how to coerce reluctant schools, governments, bureaucrats to see the Muslim way, and how report alleged hate crimes against Muslims, or how to silence critics and their criticism.

Libraries are given donations of books about Islam, books that show Islam in the best light, books that gloss over the warts in the life of Mohammed or explain away events that Westerners find abhorrent. New histories are being put on the shelves that show events from the Muslim point of view and the influence of "dead, white males" is being downplayed or discarded in favor of "others," especially Muslim authors, scholars, and philosophers. This trend has also been going on for a long time in the public schools.

But the mass media is the most important educational tool. The global P R war is being waged in the newspaper and in some extent in magazines, but the big push has always been on television, for a picture is worth a thousand words and the sound of the human voice telling the story is more potent than the written, especially as much of the world is still illiterate. Those that could not understand the spoken word could still get the visual message: America is bad, an evil influence, and must be brought to its knees.

The message has been carried throughout the world now for several years, and many more have fallen under its influence. There are millions that weren't born or can't remember when they didn't hear it. It is all that they know.

Americans have not helped their own cause. Broadcasts from America, and the West, of videotaped entertainment of dubious value, and often downright puerile and disgusting material has gone out on the airwaves throughout the world. It is no wonder that the rest of the world views America as being corrupt as it is rich and in need of chastening and purification. Many in America also agree that some American entertainment and social practices need serious reform.

But the world believes that this is all that America is about. American newspapers and broadcast news scream day and night showing crime, pornography, murder, and vulgarities of every sort. Criticism in the press of America's social and moral weaknesses are seen as a reason why Islam can be the only salvation of not only America, but of the world, for America has exported the parts of its culture that the rest of the world finds abhorrent.

The PR war wages against the role of American diplomacy and the use of the strongest military the world has ever known to make changes. Millions of words are written and spoken against America at any given moment. Some are even directed to America.

Americans have begun to take note of the ill wishes of the world, especially from those that used to be friendly, some of the Europeans, and from those that wish us the greatest harm, the Islamists that are determined to work to bring us down. Although only one among many of the very dangerous, Usama bin Laden has caught attention. From time to time bin Laden has published a tape, some call a screed, which is usually part lecture, part recruiting tool, and all symbolism. His latest tape is no exception.

Bin Laden appears on the tape as a statesman, rather than a military figure, dressed in the long robes and beard of an Islamic pundit, a man of peace. His message urges Muslims to rise up for he is recruiting. He does not harangue against the West. This time he speaks to the West's Muslims.

Bin Laden is urging Muslims in the West to do harm to us in the West rather than joining the Jihad in Afghanistan or Iraq. He claims that the West, principally America, is "occupying lands and exporting corrupt values" and that "continuous jihad is the only solution." Bin Laden's video tapes are almost always shown in their entirety on Arab TV networks such as al Jazeera, and as al Jazeera is already a network broadcasting in Canada, North America's Muslims can get the whole recruitment treatment rather than just the snippets that other American outlets have offered. New all-Muslim cable outlets are also springing up that will continue the educational propaganda effort.

The technological advances that the Islamist have made are impressive, but the message is still the same: America is bad, Islam is good. Islam will destroy the West because the West deserves to be destroyed. Allah owns the earth and all humans must bow down to Allah or face the wrath of Islam. Criticism of Islam is blasphemy and critics will be severely punished. The Islamic Caliphate will shortly be established and all the earth is being prepared for its ascension. Islamists are willing to sacrifice as many as necessary in order to accomplish this goal.

Patience has been the greatest tool of the Islamist. However, with the procurement of nuclear and chemical weapons, Islam will not longer have to wait as they will have the bargaining tools to force the West to give them what they want. What do they want? It's very simple.

They want the world.


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