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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I subscribe to the daily listing of Jihad Watch/Dhimmi Watch articles. As I skimmed down the list for today, I experienced a number of thoughts and feelings. First, this list is not unique. These are articles from America and around the world. Much of the daily fare looks like this set. Second, the gestalt hit me.

We are in a war, I remembered. Then I wondered if others remember. Answer? I do not know, except for those who have loved ones in the armed forces. Does anyone know the enemy, I pondered? Are people still wondering if it "Islam, stupid?"

Lastly, from this gestalt, I asked two questions to Americans and anyone reading this anywhere: 1) Are you awake enough to care about who is doing what? 2) Do you give a damn about what is being taken from you daily?

For your gestalt, here is a simple listing of the contents of Jihad Watch for today. If this list does not stir you, then you are part of the problem, and not part of the solution:

Jihad Watch / Dhimmi Watch Digest
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

***** JIHAD WATCH *****
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New York Muslim admits contact with terrorists

Ahmed Sattar update. From Newsday, with thanks to the Constantinopolitan Irredentist: Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Morvillo grilled Sattar in Manhattan about his knowledge of the sheik, the Islamic Group and their goals to overthrow the secular Egyptian government. Sattar insisted...

Mullah Omar's security chief captured

One of the world's most wanted jihadists. From Reuters, with thanks to Ali Dashti: KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) - Afghan security forces have captured Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar's personal security chief as he travelled in a van to the southern...

Foreign terrorists in Fallujah

Of course, the whole world now knows that foreign jihadists have been streaming into Iraq. I gave details of some of this movement even before the war in Onward Muslim Soldiers. But most analysts present these men as largely newly-minted,...

Muslim Charities: Terrorists' Piggybanks

In FrontPage, Daniel Pipes comments on the significance of the Boim case (thanks to Jeffrey Imm for the link): Counterterrorism efforts got a major boost last week when a U.S. district court found three Muslim organizations and one individual, mostly...

Turkey's Radical Fringe Returns to View

A revealing look inside the soon-to-be newest member of the EU. From AP, with thanks to Anthony: ISTANBUL, Turkey - It's the sort of scene that rattles Turkey's Western-looking establishment: angry demonstrators raising fists for Islam and waving posters supporting...

Suicide bombing kills 13 near U.S. Embassy

Attempts to disrupt the election continue. They will no doubt continue after the election as well. Attempting to establish democracy in Iraq is a dubious enterprise, as I have long noted; not because the Iraqis are somehow less capable of...


A clarification from Mujahid-El-Masih

In mid-November I posted about a story from California's Paradise Post about an ex-Muslim who now calls himself Mujahid-El-Masih, who was quoted as saying that "the main theme of jihad is the murdering of Christians and Jews." I also posted...


German paper: Al Qaeda planning a huge assault

From the German Welt, translated for Jihad Watch by Gero Bauser: Berlin. Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, who is linked to Al-Qaeda, has allegedly announced a “mega” assault which would exceed 9/11 -- according to a follower, the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” says....

***** DHIMMI WATCH *****
Home page:

Dhimmitude in Canada: St. Luke Covered up at Hospital

From CP, with thanks to Susan: The Calgary Health Region has placed doors in front of a stained glass portrait of St. Luke, the Beloved Physician, at the Foothills Hospital chapel so that it is no longer visible. A note...


Dhimmitude in Asheville: "Spain's Islamic era can teach us plenty about tolerance"

This is another illustration of the dangers of whitewashed history: it becomes the foundation for contemporary political action. Here is a columnist in a North Carolina paper saying with a straight face that "we could do far worse...than imitating Spain's...

Taking a stand in Europe

Anti-Semitism in Europe is an action of the radical Muslims who wish to remake Europe according to the dictates of the Sharia. Consequently it is everyone's problem, not just in general as a human rights issue, but as a specific...

France tells Turkey 'admit to Armenian genocide'

Now here's a refreshing bit of anti-dhimmitude. From AFP, with thanks to Anthony: BRUSSELS, Dec 13 (AFP) - France wants Turkey to acknowledge the World War One massacre of Armenians during negotiations on its membership of the European Union, Foreign...

Van Gogh Film Premieres in the Netherlands

How many more deaths like those of Fortuyn and van Gogh will there be in the Netherlands? From AP, with thanks to Anthony: The last movie by slain Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh -- a fictional thriller about the first...

More information on the mentally ill Iranian girl facing death

Layla M update: "Mentally-ill girl who was sold for sex faces death penalty in Iran." From The Independent, with thanks to Anthony: A teenage girl with a mental age of eight is facing the death penalty for prostitution in Iran....


Egypt: Al-Azhar bans book on Islam by ... George Bush

They banned it because it says Islam spread by force and persecuted Christians. Are the "experts on Islamic history" who commented on the book in Cairo really experts on Islamic history, or on the whitewashing of that history? All this...


Christmas Santas banned in French kindergarten

And why? Because the French don't have the courage to say that the threat they face comes from the Muslim jihadists who want to make France over into an Islamic state. They don't have the courage to say that Islam...


Arab Christians between thoughts of subjugation and freedom

Important reflections on the Christian communities of the Middle East from Habib Malik, one of the most superbly insightful commentators on the scene today. From Lebanon's Daily Star, with thanks to Ted Robertson and Dagald Walker: Christian communities native to...

France pulls plug on Arab network

Better late than never. From the BBC, with thanks to all those who sent this in: France's highest administrative court has banned a TV station on the grounds that it is inciting racial hatred. The Council of State ordered France-based...


Iran: Girl With Mental Age of Eight Given Death Sentence After Mother Forced Her Into Prostitution From Early Age

From Amnesty International, with thanks to Twostellas: A 19-year old girl, “Leyla M”, who has a mental age of eight, reportedly faces imminent execution for “morality-related” offences after being forced into prostitution by her mother as a child. According to...


IslamOnline: "British Muslims Irked by Telegraph’s 'Repulsive' Article"

More Moore fallout, from IslamOnline, with thanks to Nicolei: CAIRO, December 13 ( – A Daily Telegraph’s "repulsive" article on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam gave Muslims in Britain quite a shock, calling it a telling example of ignorance and...

Look these over. Pinch yourself. And, if you have not read at least two books telling the truth about Islam, start today. The best place to begin is with Mark Alexander's excellent intro book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age.


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