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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Parental Authority Takes Another Hit -- in the Non-Muslim Community.

The Washington State Supreme Court has recently ruled that parents may not eaves drop on their children as “children have the right of privacy.” The ACLU continues to interfere with parental authority, advocating not only a more stringent privacy policy than adults have at work, but the right of children to contraception and abortions, and “by default, the right to have sex without their parents’ consent or knowledge.”

Parents are forced to feed, clothe, and house their children, and in some states are held liable if these same children don’t attend school, commit crimes, or, if children are born out of wedlock, are financially liable for their children’s offspring. Yet parents are restricted as to how they can prevent their children from committing the offenses for which they are liable. In other words, parents’ hands are being tied by design.

The problem isn’t confined to the United States. The Ideal created to protect the world’s children from “poverty, violent conflict and disease, such as AIDS in the Third World has been used as the impetus to selectively target what progressives see as violations against children in the West. Children’s Bills have passed all over Europe that safeguard children from strict parental discipline. Recently Canada parents and teachers can be charged for assault if they spank their children. Parents that spank their children are characterized as child beaters and all suspected of further abuses.

A lack of discipline options that are available for school teachers that are an extension of parental authority is also a growing problem. School boards, fearful of lawsuits from the ACLU and certain parents, have reduced the kinds of interventions that schools may take to correct incorrigible students, even with parental approval. Disrespect for authority is rampant in schools that can do little beyond temporarily removing students from the classroom. Parental authority and teacher authority nationwide will only be further eroded by the Washington State ruling as the ACLU will now use this precedent-setting case to attack in other states for the same result.

No one is advocating the extreme measures that some parents use to restrain and discipline their children. Granted, parents have been known to shut their children away, tie them to the bedpost, drug, beat, and severely injure their children, all in the name of discipline. The liberal West is moving away from these measures and we can understand why laws must be written to protect some children from their parents.

The law should not be used to rescind parental and teacher authority over the children for which they are held accountable by taking the teeth out of discipline, or even parental inquiry into their children’s behavior as the Washington State ruling has done.

And are all residents of the West abandoning strict parental discipline? Certainly the Muslim community is not. Muslim parents continue with impunity to “violate the rights of their children” and the entire community aids them in the law breaking by remaining silent or actively assisting parents to avoid detection or to prevent their children, especially daughters from absorbing the mores of Western society.

Will Washington State Muslim adhere to the State Supreme Court’s decision to respect children’s privacy? What will happen if they don’t? Will the ACLU file charges against these parents or does the ACLU have a double standard for Western and Muslim parents?

What does the ACLU expect to happen to America after parents and teachers are now longer able to control children? Children will run wild and many of them will lead desperate and unhappy lives because of ACLU meddling.

Is there a sinister design behind all this meddling? The Left has vowed to create a socialist state in America. The Bolsheviks, Hitler, and other tyrants used the state to wrest parental authority in order to create a new order. European socialism has interfered with the home in order to create their vision of a liberal society. Progressives in America hope to do the same and are using the Courts as the means of conversion.

The non-Muslim West is sliding into an abyss of moral decay. We are being weakened and set up for the inevitable return swing of the pendulum that occurs when a culture decides it has gone too far in one direction.

Who or what will fill the moral and spiritual void? Islam and Muslims are waiting patiently in the wings. Muslim parents will not permit their children to join the hedonistic party and the Courts have overlooked their law-breaking refusal on the grounds of “religious and cultural differences.”

The ACLU and the Left seem to have entered into an unholy alliance with American Muslims to create a Muslim nation in America.The transformation might be positive IF Islam were a benign religion. Instead we know from the historical record and from present world events that a Muslim invasion, whether it is by sword or by demographics will not be positive for non-Muslims.


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