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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

FIFTH COLUMN FOLLIES: Which is funnier?

The Left in America must advocate and resort to force to achieve their aims because they have become too ridiculous to persuade. Of course, there are susceptible souls who "want to believe," and they do. They swallow the pap of the Left without chewing and even without digesting. Alas, their anuses have replaced their mouths, or vice versa. But, as a persuasive force, the Left are dead--they just don't know it yet.

One example of Left "wisdom" comes from a disgruntled commentator to a recent piece by one of our bloggers. The part which is so pathognomonically Leftist is this: "...if the people who write on this blog had their way America and the world would be be a much darker place, a place where US capitalism reigns supreme."

Who knows from where on the globe this commentor surfaces for air. All Lefties are interchangeable. This archtypical Leftie sees U.S. capitalism as a sort of chronic, global, nuclear winter. Obviously, this person emits undigested pap from any of numerous Left sources, professors, Leftie screeds, Leftie "journalists and editorialists," and other illiterate fellow travelers such as himself or herself.

Another piece, however, makes some other points for me. Protesters Accuse Bush of 'Exterminating the Muslim Race' -- 01/20/2005, by Marc Morano, Senior Staff Writer, January 20, 2005.

In cold, snowy Washington, about a hundred protesters gathered outside the "Black Tie and Boots" inaugural ball on Wednesday night, comparing President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler because Bush is "exterminating the Muslim race."

"It is no different in that Hitler killed so many Jews, and George Bush, you know, is exterminating the Muslim race and others," said a man who identified himself only as Don from Florida.

Don held up a sign with the words "Vote Republican" written over a Nazi swastika.

"It's just a form of fascism -- the Patriot Act and everything -- they stole the vote. Diebold (the electronic voting machine company) and their money stole the electoral vote of the people," Don told Cybercast News Service.

Another protestor, a Steve, opined that "...people attending this week's inaugural balls in Washington "are basically a bunch of rich, filthy, selfish people who are out of touch with the real world. "They don't care about other human beings on this planet, and they are destroying the planet."

Yet another brilliant protestor:

"How can anyone who has a heart come and pay thousands of dollars to do this when the tsunami wave just knocked out so many people and there are over 100,000 dead in Iraq?" said Sam Joi from the group Code Pink.

Joi said the United States is in dire straits: "Education is going, all our social services are going, unemployment is soaring, people are suffering here in this country. How can they have a celebration tonight for this obscene amount of money when our world is suffering, our country is suffering?" asked Joi.

Joi said the inaugural partygoers were "greedy, they are hogs, they are pigs. How much do they need?" Code Pink members passed out bumper stickers with "Hallibacon" written on them, a mock reference to the defense contractor Halliburton, formerly chaired by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Of course, we have to knock capitalism if we are true Lefties:

Molly from Massachusetts slammed capitalism: "This is a perpetuation of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We are dividing the country into two classes, and that is disgusting; and there are starving people all over the world and they are having this absurd, excessive party," Molly said.

"Capitalism right now is just making rich people rich," she added.

'Shame on you'

This is downright pitiful. These nihilists want to destroy America, the West, and the good of our post-Enlightenment civilization, and this is the best they can do?

Destroying the "Muslim race"? Since when did Islam become a race?

Republicans are selfish? If only they were. They, like Democrats, are altruists who believe in the ethical creed of self-sacrifice which they got from Christianity on the one hand and Immanuel Kant in its secular form on the other. Are the demonstrators selfish? Hell no! They have learned that the creed of the Left, just as with the Right, is to uphold self-sacrificial service to others as opposed to any form of rational self-interest. Show me a Leftie, and I will show you someone seriously in need of a "self."

Of course, they must knock capitalism. Loaded with parental and guilty foundation money, they demonstrate in synthetic fibers keeping them warm to a degree unknown in the pre-capitalist world. Their bellies are full and stay that way. Most are in excellent to outstanding degrees of health. Most, if not all, have gone to universities and have become partially literate. No one did these things before capitalism.

Indeed, they damn capitalism because their dim minds rely on logical fallacies in order to perpetrate this flatulence. They damn capitalism while relying on it for their very survival and their highly advanced state of well being. This is the fallacy Ayn Rand called the "stolen concept" fallacy, which consists of denying the very conceptand its antecedents which using it.

How easy it is to goad Lefties. The first "critic" I cited views U. S. capitalism as "darkness," and this person decries the writers on this blog as atavists at best, and monsters at worst. If capitalism is "darkness," then BRING IT ON! No filthy, cold, hungry, and diseased Rousseauian states of nature for me.

It is good fun to deride Lefties, and I do not know which is the most fun--goading or deriding. Talk radio, particularly Rush Limbaugh, taught Americans the invaluable lesson of laughing at the Left. We took them seriously before this big change. They intimidated us with their sense of moral superiority. Now we see them naked and hilariously foolish. The examples I have cited illustrate really typical examples to laugh at.

All of these young and would-be-young-again Lefties mouth pap. They sloganize and repeat standard Leftie talking points. All of this activity occurs in them at no higher level than the midbrain, if that high. These are not skulls full of mush. They are skulls full of feces. Squeeze their heads, and the feces squirts from their mouths.

Note a very important point about Lefties. They are for all practical purposes stupid in their degree of illiteracy. By illiteracy, I mean that they know little or nothing and read even less. They do not want to know the facts of reality. They want certain things to be a certain way, that is, to be how they feel they should be.

By and large, conservatives and any others who might be loosely clustered on the pro-freedom or Right axis, read and write. Conservative books sell well. Even Lefties buy them. Some Lefties just read them under the covers at night by flashlight so that no other Lefties can discover their "treason." The Leftie Chattering Class read them so they can knock them on the air and in print.

Leftie books sell to an absolutely predictable market of fellow Lefties overwhelmingly. They buy the pap each produces to create the illusion that Left-ism has something to say and sells (note the capitalism dependency). Their books don't make even good toilet paper for the Third World. Honestly, it seems that if you read one, you have read them all. These people on the Left preach to the choir but they do not want to learn anything new. They still huddle together for self-identity and self-protection like packs of frightened chihuahua dogs--no longer packs of Doberman Pincers.

As Larry the Cable Guy says: Now, that's funny--I don't care who you are.

It is this crowd of ignorant Lefties that make up the foot soldiers of the American and international Left. These are the minions of the FIFTH COLUMN which seeks to employ Islamists to bring down the West, particularly America. Frankly this crowd can't find their derriers with both hands.

Let's goad and laugh at them until we laugh them into election losses in great numbers. Let's goad and laugh at them until universites refuse to populate teaching, administrative, and student positions with these rabble. Let's goad and laugh until we get objective journalism. And, while we are at it, let's goad and laugh at these ridiculous Islamists who notoriously have no sense of humor.

Laughter is the best medicine, so goes the cliche'. Let's laugh these Lefties out of existence, and enjoy goading and deriding as we go. But, you say, not everything can be reversed and improved while having uproarious fun. Oh, really?


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