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Friday, January 21, 2005

ACTION ITEM: Heed This Message

This afternoon, we received this email message. It is crystal-clear and fully delineates appropriate actions. Here it is in full:

Regarding FOX's tv show 24 and CAIR:

The Fox affiliates KNOW what CAIR is up to, and no Fox affiliate want to run those wonderful pro-Islam PSAs that have been forced upon them, produced by CAIR. They are not REQUIRED to run them, and they are not running them.

Therefore CAIR today is sending an ACTION ALERT to all their members,telling them to call their local Fox affiliate, ask to speak to the person that handles their PSAs and demand those spots from CAIR be aired! (They didn't put it that way, but that's what they want.)

So YOU better call your local Fox affiliate, ask for the person that handles the PSAs and also the station's general manager. Make sure they both know the truth about CAIR, their goals for America, and who their masters are.

I've called two Fox affiliates today, and both were well aware of what CAIR really is. Neither has any intention of running the spots. Hopefully YOUR local affiliate knows the truth too, but can you take that chance?

You'll find your local Fox affiliate's phone number in the yellow pages, under "Television Stations."


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