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Friday, April 22, 2005

A Citizen Sounds Off

A concerned citizen shared some thoughts with us recently.

Im absolutely disgusted with the Bush admin. I have been a life long conservative,yet this president stumbles over himself to give aid to the P.L.O.. Yes other past presidents have given aid to this terror toilet, but after 9/11 we should be a little pennywise and not pound foolish. Further,I have read a report on the web stating that the president and all other admin. personnel are not allowed to use the term "terrorist" in the same breath as Islam! Like a bumper sticker I seen years back: "your right mr. scott, there is no intelligent life here, BEAM ME UP! What the h-- are these morons thinking? Every where you look,everyday a terrorist either blows up innocent people or some guy insulted Allah, and gets killed,beheadings going on everyday, the nightmare the Clinton admin. pulled in Bosnia.Now christians are being slaughterd trying to protect their homeland,while muslims run willy nilly destroying churches that have been in existence for hundreds of years.The Sudan, same story. And this president doesnt want to connect Islam with terrorism? Tell me where are we missing it?What is it going to take? We must rid ourselves of this cancer! Another story concerns a muslim group in some city in Arkansas, that wants to create their own community complete with schools! And the worst part is the city is going to allow it! What happened to intergration? What happened to assmilation? I can just imagine what the imans will be teaching to "the future of America." Is this not racism in its purest form? What if I wanted to start an all white community, complete with teachers schools, homes with a wall surrounding it? How far would that fly? It is time to take action, I write my senators almost daily concerning this and other issues,such as illegal immigration, and I encourage all my friends to do the same. Bombard them with emails reminding them of their responibility, not that does any good. But yet I persist, and will continue to do so.

Don't tell us that Mr. and Mrs. America are not catching on. Welcome aboard to the truth, and invite more to get on board.


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