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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Stop that Man Before He Starts Making Sense

The following blockquotes are from the transcript of an actual event.

WorldNetDaily: Hamas in a business suit OK?, Wednesday, April 13, 2005, by Les Kinsolving.

WND SUMMARY: Hamas in a business suit OK? McClellan sees role for members committed to 'improving the quality of life'

Editor's note: Each week, WorldNetDaily White House correspondent Les Kinsolving asks the tough questions almost no one else will ask. At today's White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about the Palestinian Authority's record at disarming terrorist groups and the future role of Hamas.

WND: Scott, on the road map, can you identify even one Palestinian terrorist group that has been disarmed by the Palestinian Authority in accordance with the Bush administration's own road map? And I have a follow-up.

That was the question (emphasis mine), and here is the "answer."

McCLELLAN: I think it's important to look at some of the steps that have been taken. And the president talked about President Abbas the other day in the news conference. We look forward to having President Abbas visit Washington again so the president can talk to him about what we can do to support them in their efforts to move forward on the two-state vision that he outlined. But there have been some steps taken to address the security situation.

It's important that they have a unified security structure. General Ward has been in the region working closely with the Palestinians to help put those security forces in place and have a unified structure to address some of these issues. But the road map is very clear in what it says. We've been very clear in what our views are, as well. And it's important that the parties meet their obligations.

Reread the question, then the answer. Are there any dots to connect? Take your antacid and analgesic, then move on to the following, which is a real pip. First, the question:

WND: In the event that Hamas, a terrorist organization not yet disarmed by the Palestinian Authority, wins a majority in the legislative PA, will the Bush administration still send $350 million U.S. taxpayer dollars to the PA, or not?

Part of the foregoing question I have emphasized so that we do not lose sight of the "answer" to follow:

McCLELLAN: Les, it's – the one thing that you see when people have elections that are free and fair is that they tend to choose people who are committed to improving their livelihood, not people who are committed to terrorist acts. And I think if you look back at the previous Palestinian elections, the people that were elected, while they might have been members of Hamas, they were business professionals. They were people that ran on talking about improving the quality of life for the Palestinian people and addressing their economic needs and addressing other needs that are important to them – not terrorists.

If you can find the answer to $350 million part, you are a better man than I am. The gobbledegook response to this part of the question is as humorous as the non-answer to the previous question.

However, this last paragraph from McClellan is a travesty.

If people were elected in your community by means "free and fair," would you have any problem with them taking office? Why, no, you would say.

What if these people were Mafia hit men? What if they had been active loyalists to Pol Pot? Or maybe the Russian Communists? Or the Nazis? Why, no, you would say.

What if these P. A. people in "business suits" belong to an Islamic jihadist organization which stands for murder and has committed so many that it has lost count? What if these suits come from an organization bankrolled by Saudi Arabia to spread Wahabbism through violence, mayhem, murder, and anything else that is anti-life? Exactly whose lives will these suits be improving and how? At whose expense?

This statement by this Bush mouthpiece reflects the devastating approach of the Bush administration President Bush himself to Islam: WISHING FOR PEACE THROUGH PROFOUND IGNORANCE. Their logo should be an ostrich with its head buried into the sand, and not seeing the juggernaut about to run over it. At best, this is simple minded civics: Of course it is all right for them to vote themselves into anything they want; after all, the Germans didn't do so badly in 1933, did they? Well, didn't they?


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