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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Saving Another 1000 Words: "On the Arab Street"


If you are not subscribing Sacred Cow Burgers and its talented graphic artist, Jay D. Dyson, you are really missing a lot of fun. Enjoy!

By the way, here's is the commentary Mr. Dyson provides with this graphic:

"On the Arab Street..."

If I hear one more jackwit squeal about how we're "supposed to be sensitive to the Arab street," I swear I'm gonna fire up my chainsaw and lay odds that a jury will accept temporary insanity.

Look, I've seen enough burning American flags and grotesquely angry mobs chanting "Death to America!" in the past thirty years to arrive at two inescapable conclusions:
The "Arab Street" doesn't give much of a rip about offending us. They cheer when our citizens are brutally slaughtered, gleefully slice off our peoples' heads, and wantonly threaten every American man, woman and child with slavery, murder and rape. With all that in mind, why the hell should we give a flying fig about offending them?

After flooding "the Arab street" with billions of dollars in U.S. aid following scores of natural and man-made disasters, most of those little bastards still have the nerve to gloat over the human suffering that Hurricane Katrina visited upon our nation. One need not look long or far to find reports of Islamists proclaiming that our most recent natural disaster is "Allah's punishment of the infidel" (nevermind those thousands of Muslims killed by earthquakes and tsunamis in the past year).

So, with all that in mind, I figured it was time to cast my jaundiced eye on "the Arab street" and let 'em know what I thought of their collective insanity.

This parody is the byproduct of another parody I'm working on and have not yet completed. I was going to insert this scene into the original parody's background, but I figured this work deserved its own separate release.


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