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Sunday, October 09, 2005

President Bush's Speech on Terrorism: Meaning and Implications

Controversial journalist, political analyst with the Center for International Affairs of the Rockford Institute, former spokesperson for the Bosnia Serb government, author of controversial books, and, "noted Islamophobe," Srdja Trifkovic has examined President Bush's speech on Terrorism with the jaundiced eye of one who has lived on Islam's "bloody borders." He finds "meaning" and "implications" for present and future action.

Trifkovic found only one piece of hard news: "In the end the only piece of hard news concerned his claim that ten serious al-Qaeda terrorist plots have been disrupted since 9-11..." The rest is rhetoric, significant for "what was said and what was omitted...cause for great concern."

Trifkvic has picked apart and analyzed every word and phrase of the President's in this excellent essay and Hugh Fitzgerald, in his two comments, does him a similar service at JihadWatch as points to some areas that were either glossed over or that need revision.

Although lengthy, both are excellent. Don't miss a word.


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