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Saturday, October 22, 2005

US Government Seeks to Promote Arabic and Sharia Studies?

"Know your enemy" may not be the impetus behind the U.S. government's decision to familiarize American students with Arabic and Sharia as well as to help "Saudi teachers improve their English." Ooops!!! For the Saudis, this may be A way to "know" their American enemy and to indoctrinate those American students sent to them.

Students should be taught about Sharia and how to read Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages. The students that enter these programs must be carefully screened and warned against the taqiyya and kitman tactics used by Muslims to beguile the impressionable and easily led.

The kicker is that this arrangement was made in April 2005 on Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch when "Saudi Arabia's then Crown Prince, now King Abdullah and George Bush pledged to increase the number of students traveling between their countries, as well as visitors and business travelers." That's all we need -- more Saudis.

Dubya... what were you thinking????

UPDATE It gets worse.Over 10,000 Saudi Students U.S. Bound

"In total, 21,000 Saudis are expected to take part in a government-sponsored program following the adoption of new measures by the Ministry of (Saudi) Higher Education."

Prospective students can submit their applications to the Ministry of Higher Education through a Ministry special office or its website for nine different specializations and will be able to benefit from assistance with their visa applications at the US embassy and its diplomatic missions throughout the country.

Fahd al Manur, a student who decided to enroll in the program told Asharq al Awsat, “I do not fear traveling to the US since Americans are a friendly people. Relations between our two countries have greatly improved recently and travel procedures are easier nowadays after being almost impossible following September 11th 2001.” Studying in the US would be a dream come true, he added, despite recent events. King Abdullah’s visit earlier this year strengthened bilateral relations and “reassured Saudis.”

Currently studying in the U.S., Mohammad al Mateeri described the initiative as an important step and described how in eight years of living in the US, “I have never been hassled, save for an increase in security checks to which a country is entitled to when protecting its citizens.”

Someone is braindead. They must not realize that, one way or another, the acquired knowledge someday will be turned on us. The poor and ignorant are busy trying to survive while making a living. The college educated are those that plan, finance, and carryout Jihad. Jihad means "Struggle for Allah," which is not necessarily an exercise in violence with an explosive ending. Jihad is pushing forward the aims and goals of Islam using any means necessary and possible. Turning a Western education against the West is already a proven tactic.

This is not rocket science. More Saudis in the United States is not a smart move.


  • At Sat Oct 22, 03:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger John Sobieski said…

    Really bad idea. That is only one of many reasons I know Bush hasn't a clue about true Islam and the socalled 'twisted' Islam he insists is the domain of the terrorists.

  • At Sat Oct 22, 05:29:00 PM PDT, Blogger George Mason said…

    We Americans have a serious problem with this man who is presently impersonating the President of the United States. He and the Republicans will march us right into the serfdom, which your cartoon blog so beautifully illustrates. This is why we must secure the courts so that we do not lose the country. Changing the hearts and minds of those who like to be in elected and appointed offices will take a long time, and we have hardly begun that process. Lest someone think I am extolling any Democrat as better than Bush, rest assured that I am not. We are reeling under the impact of the ideas loved by Democrats but enacted by Republicans.

    Done correctly, this familiarization with Arabic, Shari'a, and Islam could serve the right ends very well indeed. This will not come through Bush team mechanisms, however.

    Really revolting is this news.

  • At Mon Oct 24, 12:30:00 PM PDT, Blogger gandalf said…

    Moves of this nature must be suspect, here in the UK the government has openly backed the concept of teaching Islam in our schools, this is done under the guise of "multiculturalism".

    Many people from Islamic countries come to the UK on a "student" visa
    these visas are little more than a pretext to enter the country.

    Those who do attend college or University very often end up the ones that are arrested for "terrorist activities.

    The greatest danger is proselysation, especially in schools, young malleable minds must not be exposed to Islam


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