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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Allons Enfant de la Jihad

From the desk of Paul Pelion at The Brussels Journal

Pelion has makes astute observations regarding the riots in France and multiculturalism.

I have pointed out before that multiculturalism cannot exist, except as several cultures living side by side in defined territories, where the laws of one culture do not apply in the territories of the others. It is easy to understand why the “youths” in the suburbs turned so violent when Sarkozy announced that he was going to establish law and order there. The “youths” have held sway there, unchallenged, for years. If they allow the French authorities to reassert their authority, they lose their power base. The police and the gangs are fighting over whose laws will apply in the neighbourhood: the laws of the French Republic or the laws of Eurabia. Unlike the Western intellectuals, the “youths” realise that everything boils down to the question of who wields power over a specific territory. In order to protect their turf the generals of Eurabia are now attacking the territory of the enemy, such as a psychiatric hospital in the town of mayor Pajon.

It is possible that Nicolas Sarkozy did not realise what was really at stake when, a week before the rioting started, he declared “war without mercy” in order to recapture the suburbs for the French Republic. However, for the Muslim radicals – invariably described in the media as “youths” – this is quite literally a war. It is not about social injustice, race or alienation, but about territory – a territory to establish a culture and a cult which are alien to the culture and the cult that gave France its European and, despite all its socialist flaws, Western character.

Read it all.
hattip: Fjordman

Could it happen here? You bet, except our problem in the United States isn't so much Muslim incursion as colonization by Mexico. There are more than ten million unsupervised aliens in the United States. The great majority of these are from Mexico. In point of fact, many have been encouraged to come by the Mexican government that offers them services to get to and cross the border. Hmmmm. Isn't this an act of war???

And how is it that Al-Qaida operatives have access to the Mexican territory to pass into the United States? Don't you find this strange????


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