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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

At Last: The Real Reason for What Is Happening In France

Yesterday, news organizations did their damndest to report and explain what is going on in 274+ towns and cities in France, with satellite rioting popping up in other European countries. Even the in situ Fox News reporter in France mouthed the Marxist victimhood "explanation" over and over. It was not until mid-afternoon/early evening that a thinking mind, not pre-progammed with postmodernist pabulum, spoke the truth, and that truth was electrifying. The chances are pretty good that most people know nothing whatsoever about it, and that should cause great alarm.

News host, John Gibson of The Big Story on the Fox News Channel, interviewed Mr. Greg Copley of the Institute for Strategic Studies Association (ISSA). ISSA has been studing all matters concerning terrorism and more, and has been doing so for years. Apparently, this group is so well respected that our intelligence agencies and cardinal units of our government pay very close attention to what ISSA personnel have to say. In what follows, Mr. Copley indicated that the information came across a long time from multiple Islamic sources, some friendlies and some foes, and has been validated.

The breakup of the intended Muslim terrorist attacks in Australia and the civil breakdown, instigated by Islamists, in France and Europe are related. What is happening in France is not accidental as some would say--you know, pent up frustration bursting forth. That frustration is being used, of course, to fan the flames of havoc. Note that every "explainer" and apologist yesterday could not bring himself to go beyond the spontaneous outbreak of bad behavior by just kids.

What we are observing, as Mr. Copley outlined, is what the jihadists themselves call "The Great Ramadan Offensive." It is the beginning of a new type of UNRESTRICTED WARFARE to be waged on Western Europe, the USA, and South East Asia. This war will take place endlessly over a very broad front, with intentions of escalating "terrorism" where it has not gone before. This offensive began with the Bali bombings in late October.

Mr. Copley had just returned from Australia and France where he had been working with those who deal in these matters, and he made crystal clear that what is going on in these countries is part of "The Great Ramadan Offensive."

Most astoundingly new was Mr. Copley's revelation that the war against the West is being coordinated from BOSNIA. Obviously too few know this at large, but too few in American security either know it or want to acknowledge it.

Although Mr. Copley did not say the following, we are reminded that the Balkans mess was another Bill Clinton action, lead by his Perfumed Prince, Wesley Clark. The Clinton-Clark action suggests a surgical analogy in which the surgeon cuts out the healthy tissue and leaves the foreign body and festering tissue reaction in place. The Balkans takes us to the Trade Towers 1993, Khobar Towers, African embassies, the USS Cole, and the grand finale of 9-11-2001.

Going one step beyond what Mr. Copley presented, why are our governmental elements which are supposedly entrusted with protecting the rights of Americans, most particularly the right to life, not letting us know about The Great Ramadan Offensive? Are we supposed to suffer mayhem and death so they can twist themselves into pretzels to keep from naming, thus being able to deal with, the enemy? For the record, that enemy is Islam and its jihadists.


  • At Tue Nov 08, 11:02:00 AM PST, Blogger gandalf said…

    Looking at the situation in Europe especially in France, I feel that this part of the great mans speech entitled "Be Ye Men of Valour" is highly appropriate


    Winston Churchill May 1940

    Our task is not only to win the battle - but to win the war. After this battle in France abates its force, there will come the battle for our Island -- for all that Britain is, and all the Britain means. That will be the struggle. In that supreme emergency we shall not hesitate to take every step, even the most drastic, to call forth from our people the last ounce and the last inch of effort of which they are capable. The interests of property, the hours of labor, are nothing compared with the struggle of life and honor, for right and freedom, to which we have vowed ourselves.

  • At Tue Nov 08, 05:09:00 PM PST, Blogger George Mason said…


    Thank you for posting Sir Winston's words. There is a soaring energy that comes from his words, even from well over 60 years ago. Do we ever in the West need a man of his leadership and intellectual abilities!


  • At Tue Nov 08, 06:42:00 PM PST, Blogger Always On Watch said…

    Note that every "explainer" and apologist yesterday could not bring himself to go beyond the spontaneous outbreak of bad behavior by just kids.
    These days, I spend a lot of time screaming at the TV screen.

    Yes, indeed! The Great Ramadan Offensive! I wondered about that with the stadium incidents at the beginning of the "holiday." But never in my wildest paranoia did I think that even France would be in the state it's in right now. I should've seen the anarchy coming, but somehow I guess I just didn't want to believe such chaos and civil war would erupt so soon.

  • At Tue Nov 08, 07:19:00 PM PST, Anonymous Felis said…

    The Great Ramadan Offensive,
    Yep, it's alive and kicking.
    At least we have some government with cajones in Oz.

  • At Tue Nov 08, 10:32:00 PM PST, Blogger John Sobieski said…

    Wouldn't you know it. The one time the MSM actually has an intelligient 'expert' on I don't catch it.

    Still, they don't get it. Today was as clueless as yesterday.


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