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Friday, December 02, 2005

Marriott Hotel Hotel Chain Cave In to CAIR

Marriott Hotel Hotel Chain Cave In to CAIR

Another Blatant Appeasement and Successful Attempt to Silence Critics of Islam: CAIR Hotel Hell

CAIR, a self-proclaimed Muslim advocacy group that has roots in the Palestinian Hamas and whose parent group is the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), has several officials convicted and/or deported by the United States for terrorist activity. CAIR is also a defendant in a lawsuit put forward by the family of a lead FBI agent, for that agent's murder during the September 11th attacks has been permitted entrance to the Crystal Gate Marriott in Arlington.

The People's Truth Forum, hoped to stage a counter-terrorism conference at the Marriott Georgetown University Conference Hotel but was turned away out of concerns for property damage and staff safety as there are "many Muslim students in the area" that might fight the counter-terrorism conference to be controversial and inflammatory, inviting violence against property and staff, whereas the CAIR conference, although controversial to non-Muslims, would not.

Keith Thomas, Marriott Special Services Department, Corporate Headquarters, November 16, 2005: “Due to the high density of Muslim students on the Georgetown campus, members of the staff at Marriott Georgetown were afraid of the potential for violent protests, injured hotel employees and property damage. This is the official stance of the Marriott Corporation.”

The CAIR conference is troubling also for the choice of speaker. Siraj Wahhaj is the imam of the At-Taqwa Mosque in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. And he is also known as one of the 171 potential coconspirators of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center which resulted in the murders of six people and in a larger conspiracy that "targeted numerous landmarks and businesses throughout New York City. Also named on this list are Osama bin Laden, bin Laden's mentor Abdullah Azzam, and Fawaz Damra, an "individual who soon be deported for his involvement in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad."
Wahhaj also was a character witness for Abdel Rahman, a.k.a. the Blind Sheikh at his trial, describing him as a "respected scholar." Other as equally troubling individuals worship at this mosque as listened to Wahhaj's Friday sermons.

With such a speaker, shouldn't the CAIR conference be considered "too controversial to appear at a Marriott venue"? The author's analysis:

Terrorism, as a worldwide epidemic, is a recent phenomenon. Because of this fact, many are unsure about how to handle the subject. In the case of the Marriott, its leadership has dealt with it by attempting to placate the enemy, and thereby, at least in the Marriot’s eyes, avoid the potential for conflict.

The Marriott rejects the People’s Truth Forum, due to the hotel chain’s belief that the counter-terror group is “too controversial” -- that if it allows the group to use its facilities on the Georgetown campus, young Muslims may riot and cause injury and destruction, as they recently did in France. Yet at the same time the Marriott has opened its arms to a group and an individual that are connected to terrorism and violence!

What does this say about our current state of affairs, when one of the largest American corporations -- out of fear of the unknown -- is willing to silence an ally and give voice to the enemy? It says that we, as a nation, are on a dangerous path that only starts with appeasement. It ends with our destruction. If the Marriott is a test case for the future consciousness of America, then we can be assured that we will have no future.


On August 5, 2003, a Marriott located in Jakarta, Indonesia, was the target of a monstrous explosion set off via a car bomb. 14 people were killed and nearly 150 injured, including two Americans. The terrorist who took his own life in order to achieve his goal only cared about taking as many innocent lives with him as he could.
To what degree has our nation been compromised?

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hattip: JihadWatch/DhimmiWatch


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